Aquaphor is a good product that can help soothe and protect your dehydrated skin. Furthermore, it can turn out to be an excellent option when it comes to healing cracked heels and elbows, a consequence of low temperatures.

Use Aquaphor to Remove Makeup

Did you know that you can use Aquaphor to remove makeup? This effective skin treatment can be an excellent alternative to your regular makeup cleanser. When you have a sensitive skin, it can seem somehow hard to get rid of mascara or eyeshadow leftovers. No need to worry though, as Aquaphor has proven to be a great solution at hand. You should apply a bit of this product on the eye area. Next, make sure to gently massage and wipe away with a cotton pad.

Aquaphor Beauty Tips: Dry Cuticles Treatment

Now you’ve reached to one of the best Aquaphor beauty tips. You should consider it a great option in dealing with dry cuticles. When you don’t have a nail oil at hand, a small dab of Aquaphor can work miracles. It will instantly moisturize your dry cuticles and will restore your hands’ healthy aspect.

Aquaphor Eucerin

Use Aquaphor Under Eyes

If you want to keep your skin hydrated, especially during winter time, you should start using Aquaphor under eyes. Apply just a small dab of this product on this sensitive area and let it sit over night. This little trick will help keep your under eye area moisturized for a longer amount of time, due to its great active ingredient, petrolatum.

Aquaphor for Feet: Heel Treatment

Many users have stated that you can also use Aquaphor for feet. The cold weather outside can ultimately lead to dehydration, thus resulting in cracked elbows or heels. Bearing this in mind, you should use this product on a regular basis and make sure to apply it on your problem area every evening, before going to sleep. This treatment will provide a deep moisture to your heels, and will help you get rid of this skin condition sooner than expected.

Beauty Use for Aquaphor: Turn Eyeshadow to Lipstick

Turning eyeshadow to lipstick is another special beauty use for Aquaphor. Imagine this scenario: you’ve finally found an eyeshadow in the perfect pink shade. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find a lipstick in the same color. What should be done in this case? Here’s what you need to do: take a dab of Aquaphor and mix it with a bit of pink eyeshadow. Finally, coat your beautiful lips with this hydrating lipstick.

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