Find out The Secrets That Every Model Knows to Become as Unique as they are.

Models are notorious of their non-conformist attitude towards fashion and beauty in general. Indeed stealing their tricks can be a long-term investment in trying to come to terms with our natural beauty.

Find out some of the most precious secrets every model knows to feel better while strolling on the catwalk of the streets.

1.Short Hair is Also Sexy
The major public associates femininity with long free flowing strands. However these girls demonstrated that short hairstyles can be as sexy is their counterparts. You might even find the hairdo that will bear your name as does the 'Twiggy' or 'Aggy cut'.

Indeed, think about Agyness Deyn, who managed to become a real fashion icon due to her style and boho attitude.

Remember that even the model guru Kate Moss once sported a pixie Twiggy hairstyle.

If you consider short hair lacking any creativity, you might think of the endless styling options it offers. Moreover a groovy hair color can be accentuated more effectively with short crops.

Learn how to pull off a different style every day, for a crowd-pleasing effect.

2. Smiling Lights Up your Face
A beautiful smile can do miracles for your look. It's for free and you can give out as many as you can. Models encourage you to use your personal charm to enchant others.

Feel free to use your amazing smile to melt people. Models know that beauty comes from the inside, the personality. That's why they often strip off their barriers and let go.

Smiling suggests confidence, being able to come to terms with our flaws is a great achievement worth envying.

3. Go For Natural Beauty
You don't have to stuff your face with all kinds of cosmetic miracles to look good.

The trends of the season and the year in general reflect that accentuating your natural features is the best way to create a signature look.

Reserve the eye-popping makeup for the special events. Let people admire you for being an eco-friendly beauty.

Avoid wearing more layers of cosmetic products that might cause more damage than good.

4. Freckles are Hot
Freckles are signature signs, unique and belong to your image. Why crave for getting rid of them, when you can turn them in your fortes.

Celebrities as Cindy Crawford refused to hide their moles. Why not become memorable due to these tiny marks.

Look for makeup techniques that properly emphasis your features, together with freckles or a visible mole. Don't forget some might even fake this appearance to acquire some sex appeal.