Summer is approaching and people tend to get more concerned about their body. However there are several myths concerning diets, skin problems and other beauty issues that can mislead us. The following misconceptions about cellulite were all busted.

1.Cellulite affects women only over 40

WRONG! This skin problem can occur at every age, however it is more visible in the case of older people. As we get older our skin tends to become thinner and less flexible, that’s why cellulite is more prominent on older skin.

I’m sure you have seen young people with little bumps on their thighs or belly, however if it doesn’t get treated it will get worse as we age.

2. Cellulite is simply fat

WRONG! This is probably the most popular myth concerning cellulite. In fact this is not just simple fat, it is the type of fat that’s more resistant to exercises and diets. Unfortunately cellulite tortures slim people too, it appears on the stomach, thighs and bottom.

It is trapped under the skin generating little but visible lumps. In fact cellulite is a reaction of your organism to the excessive toxins from your body. It’s appearance has a lot to do with hormones, lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

3. There are Exercises that Burn Cellulite

WRONG! Cellulite is rather a health problem, that’s why it is more difficult to actually burn it. Several hormonal factors influence its appearance and metabolism has no important role in its elimination. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up the workouts.

However don’t believe those people who might mislead you with offering the best way to burn cellulite. In fact exercise can help you in preventing the appearance of these little bumps. If you succeed in reducing the fat from your body, you’ll also reduce the chance for these to turn into cellulite.

4. Excessive Drinking of Water Eliminates Cellulite

WRONG! Unfortunately even if it does good to our health and body, water intake has nothing to do with the elimination of cellulite. Indeed if you don’t drink enough water your skin might dry out and become thinner. Which can make cellulite look more prominent.

On the other hand specialists claim that drinking too much water is also harmful. Excessive consumption of water won’t eliminate the toxins from your organism. Consequently cellulite will be still trapped under the skin.