It\’s probably been so many times when you found yourself in a situation in which you desperately needed the helps of your beauty kit, but didn\’t have it with you. I bet all women have been there at least once, and didn\’t like it.

These unforeseeable situations just seem to pop out in your way whenever you\’re not carrying your essential beauty kit with you. To avoid these frustrating situation it is best to always carry some essential things with you in your purse or in your car, just so you can be prepared whenever an unpredictable situation follows you, and you\’re in need of a touch-up. To prepare yourself you will need to include the following into a small make-up bag:

chapstick in case your lips get dry and flaky. Dry, chapped, flaky lips look unappealing and don\’t feel good when being kissed. Keep a chapstick in handy to moisturize and sooth your lips in case you need to

lipgloss will give shine and moisture to your lips. It definitely makes a difference because it will soften your facial features and make yourlips appear sensual and glossy

small size mouthwash or chewing gum. It is always a good idea to carry with you one of these two products because you will need them. Bad breath is something everyone wishes to avoid and the only way to get rid of bad breath and bad mouth taste without a toothbrush and toothpaste is by using mouthwash or chewing gum. They will refreshen and clean the bacteria away from your mouth, to make your breath pleasant again

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mini deodorant stick. People perspire and there is no way you can avoid that. Heat, physical effort, and hormones can influence our body odor. In case you need to refresh your underarm area you need some clean wipes and a deodorant

clean wipes come in handy whenever you need to clean your hands or ant other part of your body. They are a huge help especially if you don\’t have access to a bathroom

mini perfume to allow yourself to refreshen your scent every time you need to. Everyone likes to smell good so remember to pack a perfume with you

mascara, foundation, concealer if you use any in case you need touch-ups. If you are wearing make-up and you need touch-ups, carrying some of these items with you will be of so much help. A quick fix here and there and you are back to looking fabulous in no time

a comb to fix your hair in case you are experiencing a bad hair day. This will allow you to style your hair quickly and easily, so your hair will look gorgeous, just like you deserve it to be

Carry your essential kit with you everywhere and surely nothing will be able to catch you off guard.