Cheat your way to perfectly clear skin!No blemishes and spots on face

Spots on face are the bane of many teenager’s lives (usually hormones to blame) but increasingly it’s adults too who are struggling with a spot-prone complexion (usually stress to blame). If you consider taking a holistic approach and learning relaxation techniques – yoga and self-hypnosis tapes can offer excellent relief Addressing the skin directly, ensure your cleanser isn’t too harsh as over-zealous cleansing can strip the skin and lead to over-production of sebum as it tries to compensate.

Also check that your products are labelled “non-comodegenic” or “non-acnegenic” – which means that they does not cause breakouts, such as acne, because it does not contain any pore clogging agents.

While it’s commonly accepted that it’s a bad idea to squeeze a spot (risk of scarring, spreading bacteria etc.) and if the whitehead is literally about to burst and you can’t resist, place tissues over your fingers and with them parallel and flat to the skin roll gently to release the pustule. If the skin does not break easily do not force it as this is when damage is caused.

As for covering up, get a good quality concealer which has a narrow nib allowing you to blend coverage precisely. It’s better if it also includes a drying-out agent to speed up the spot’s demise.

What foundation to use?

Hydrating foundations come in liquid or cream versions and offer a weightless feel, thanks to moisturizing elements such as hyaluronic acid, which draws water from the air for daylong softness. If your skin is a little oily and a little dry, try foundations for combination skin; they contain “smart” microspheres that hydrate areas that need moisture while delivering oil control to shiny spots.

Keep your foundation fresh with powder touch-ups throughout the day. A translucent powder is ideal. These won’t pile color pigments on the edges of your pores, making them more visible.

Mineral makeup is ideal for skin that’s prone to irritation and redness, and is particularly good for people who suffer from rosacea, a skin disorder characterized by acne-like bumps and a flushing of the skin. Mineral makeup contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both of which have soothing properties that help calm skin.

As a nice alternative to a high-coverage foundation, choose a lighter formula (e.g., sheer) that works with the rest of your face. Then hide visible capillaries with a tiny bit of concealer.