Improper skin care of lack of skin care can leave a negative print over our precious skin. Find out the biggest mistakes in skin care in order to avoid making them yourself.

The worst enemy of your skin is YOU. Not getting enough information about proper skin care and not knowing how and when to use certain cosmetic products can draw certain consequences like premature aging skin, breakouts, early wrinkles and fine lines development.

To take good care of your skin you need to know your skin type, what products to use for your skin and how to use them, what products you need to start using at a certain age. If you got all of these things right it means you are doing your best for your skin.
Here are a few of the most common mistakes in skin care:

Not hydrating your skin because you don't think you need it. Water contains certain amounts of salt and chemicals to get rid of bacteria which can cause skin to over dry. Not hydrating with moisturizing cream can lead to cracked, sensitive and itching skin.

Using the wrong type of moisturizer can affect the skin. There are several types of creams developed especially for certain types of skin. Using a cream for dry skin on an oily skin can make the skin appear greasier because it is richer and filled with oils. Oily skin produces enough oil you don't need to add more yourself.

Using harsh cleaners to cleanse the body can strip away the oils which protect the skin against pollution and other factors which can damage our skin. Use mild cleaners because they will be much more gentle on the skin.

Confusing essential oils with mineral oils. Mineral oils are not for oily skin because they can contribute to the development of pimples and breakouts due to clogged pores but some essential oils actually benefit oily skin. Don't avoid them and find out which essential oils benefit your skin type.

Not using sunscreen is a big mistake. Sunscreen protects the skin from sunburns which can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and aged skin. The Sun's dangerous rays penetrate the clouds too so you need protection even when it is cloudy outside.

Not getting enough sun exposure. You need a little bit of sun exposure so your body can get the vitamin D it needs. The sun triggers the vitamin D synthesis which promotes calcium absorption.

Not using eye cream. Eye cream can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This is the place where wrinkles can first appear so you must use an eye cream after the age of 25.

Not removing make-up in the evening can clog the pores and favor pimple formation and age the skin prematurely.

Take care of your skin in order for it to remain healthy and youthful for as long as possible.