Aging is a natural process which affects us all. It’s true that people age differently, some age quicker, some don’t, it all depends on genes, lifestyle and skin care. Everyone is afraid of aging too quickly, but still not everyone takes proper precautions to make sure that doesn’t happen. Of course there are certain things which lead to premature aging which cannot be controlled, like genetics, but there are other factors which we do have control over: stress, environmental factors, skin care routine, lifestyle. All these factors contribute to the aging process, so if one wishes to delay the aging process, she should make sure that all the factors are under control.

Fine lines and wrinkles are a problem most women have to deal with from their 30’s. It is a problem which can be caused by sun exposure and making grimaces so try to avoid making faces and going outside without sun protection.

Proper skin care is very important when it comes to anti- aging and the cosmetic industry has manufactured several products which contain ingredients destined to combat aging signs. One of the most beneficial ingredients in anti-aging products is Retin-A.

Retin- A is a very reliable anti-aging solution to wrinkle removal, due to the fact that it helps firm he skin. The skin is also stimulated to produce collagen, collagen which is known for benefiting skin and getting rid of wrinkles. It helps improve blood circulation at the face level, supplying the skin with the vitamins and oxygen level it needs to ensure new and rapid skin cell renewal. Obviously the results will not show over night, it will take a while until any results will show but it will be worth it in the long run.

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It is very important to understand that Retin- A is not as effective over deep wrinkles, it mostly works on fine wrinkles, surface wrinkles. Do not expect your skin to look like you just had laser treatments, microdermabrazion or chemical peels. Obviously those results will be more visible but the costs are higher and the impact over the skin differs as well.

Retin-A can be applied in a thin layer over night and washed off in the morning with a facial scrub. The facial scrub will remove the dead skin cells and flakes off the skins surface in order to promote skin cell renewal. Just like any other skin treatment Retin-A too can have side effects. These side effects usually last a few days and include redness, itching, stinging and skin drying. To avoid over drying your skin it is best to use an intensive moisturizer cream after washing your face.

Because you skin will be more sensitive during the treatment it is best to make sure you use a high protection sunscreen whenever you are exposing yourself to the sun. Be careful that the UV light from the sun can penetrate the clouds as well so do not neglect your skin.

Your skin and it’s appearance is very important for a persons self esteem and aesthetics. Take care of your skin to allow it to be and feel young and beautiful.