Facial masks have been used as cosmetic treatments since ancient times to help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Masks are supposed to contain ingredients which benefit the skin without causing it any potential damage.

Since the cosmetic industry flourished there have been a variety of cosmetic facial masks developed for different skin types and different results, in order to suite everyones wishes. There are a variety of ingredients which can be used to manufacture homemade facial masks or to be mass produced by a cosmetic companies. Since there are so many ingredients available in face masks it is best to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the contained ingredients.

It is very important to apply the facial mask on a clean complexion. They can be used on a daily basis or how often a person prefers or has time. You can use hydrating, exfoliating, lightening, nourishing or deep cleansing facial masks depending on the desired effect.

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Facial masks can be found under various forms like:

cream masks which can be applied cold or warm on dry skin. They usually offer moisture and nourishment for dry and sensitive skin. They contain ingredients which are mild on the skin to avoid skin irritations

exfoliating masks are intended for all skin types. They are meant to remove all the impurities and dead skin cells which can cause pimples to appear. They leave the skin feeling smooth and soft and help promote skin cells regeneration

peel-off masks can be helpful for all skin types. Most of them come in a gel form, a gel which if applied on the face will solidify, transforming itself in a rubbery looking substance which can easily be removed from the skins surface by peeling it off. These type of masks can contain ingredients which cleanse, refresh, purify and reinvigorate the skin

homemade masks are made with natural ingredients. They can be made out of fruit, honey, milk, yogurt. There are so many homemade mask recipes to suite all types of complexions. You can choose masks for nourishing, refreshing, cleansing or exfoliating the skin. Find out the benefits of different ingredients and create your own homemade facial mask