We could hardly find any drawbacks of using sunscreen on a regular basis. However it is demonstrated that benefits are indeed endless. Protecting the our complexion from the harmful rays of the sun as well as other external factors is a must to preserve its spotless condition. Through time people were concerned about the actual effect and importance of using sunscreen. This phenomenon undoubtedly led to the formation of misconceptions that were carefully spread all over the world. Instead of relying on the message of colorful commercials promoting excessive sunbathing as well as the misleading news about sunscreen it’s time to take a closer glimpse at the most popular sunscreen myths and facts. These will not only provide your with useful information but implicitly it will also perfect your skin and body care rituals. Use the following principles to prepare your complexion for a safe outing during the upcoming hot season.

Myth No.1

Applying sunscreen only on the body parts and skin sections that are exposed is indeed a faux pas in skin care. Several misconceptions were built around this theory that has no scientific basis at all. In fact it is important to cover the whole body with a body lotion that contains at least SPF 15. This is the only condition to maintain the best state of the skin and avoid the harmful effect of the UV rays.

Those who spend their time outdoors should pay special attention to this details since it is a proof that cotton is one of the well-known fabrics that can be penetrated by the sunlight without any difficulties. Therefore clothes won’t provide your body with the proper shield. Use sunscreen on a regular basis and make sure you include this ritual in your daily schedule.

Myth No.2

‘Indoors I don’t need sun protection!’ as many people claim. This is one of the greatest mistakes we can do since it can easily jeopardize the condition of our complexion. The rays of the sun have a strong and at the same time hard-to-combat damaging effect. UVA rays in fact can penetrate through windows, clothes as well as car and house windows.

Those who spend most of their time in the car might also face some sunburn problems if neglecting the use of sunscreen. This is also one of the well-known forms of excessive sun exposure which should be handled with a SPF 15 sunscreen.

Have this beauty product at hand especially during the critical hours when the rays of the sun are even more harmful and could cause your several headaches.

Myth No.3

Applying sunscreen only once a day is enough. It might seem surprising however sunscreens in spite of their efficiency are not able to protect your skin from sunlight more than 2 hours. Therefore it is a misconception that using it once a day would prevent the formation of the unpleasant skin problems.

The harsh consequences of sun exposure with only a single application of sunscreen might have the same effects as skipping it. Instead, especially if we are heading for sunbathing to cover the skin with sunscreen every 2 hours, this interval will prove to be ideal to boost the efficiency of the products. Moreover it is also important to purchase water-resistant formulas that won’t melt off when swimming.

Myth No.4

Sunscreen use and Vitamin D are incompatible. It is also one of the popular myths that were spread all over the world. Launching a real craze people might have neglected sunscreen to be able to absorb the Vitamin D which is provided by the sunlight. It was demonstrated that there’s no need to expose your skin to the sun if you are eager to benefit of Vitamin D, instead consume foods that are rich in this supplement. Include fish as well as milk and eggs as the quintessential sources of vitamins. Avoid spending to much time with sunbathing instead you’ll be granted with the same amount of Vitamin D if you reduce the period of sunbathing and do your regular activities.