We expose our complexion to the harshest circumstances on a daily basis. Depending on it resistance it might be able or unable to fight against these and preserve its spotless condition. In order to adopt a more skin-friendly skin care routine it is highly recommended to skim through the most important strange habits that ruin our skin. These activities we might do on a daily basis have the power to minimize the power of the skin cells to fight against the various problems and damages. Wrinkles and pimples are some of the most unfortunate conditions that ruin our skin and implicitly our appearance. Take the proper preventive measures as the best means to avoid the irreversible harm various external factors might do to your skin.

Sleep Deprivation

It’s not a novelty that sleeping has a special role in the maintenance of a proper health condition. However it seems that our skin can’t do without relaxation and a beauty sleep either. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things that can happen to us if we take special care of our skin condition.

Lack of sleep can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, dark under eye circles as well as other more severe and damaging problems. Free radicals are indeed the ingredients that quicken the aging process therefore it is wise to keep them away from our organism.

However relaxation is essential to restore the energy level of the body and with that of the skin. Therefore make sure you devote at least 8 hours per day to sleeping for a happy shiny skin.


Besides looking funny frowning can also make you look older. A worn-out skin and the fine lines around the eyes are the common consequences of too much frowning. Indeed this habit puts a more severe pressure on your skin cells and paves the way for the formation of the deep wrinkles. Keep aging at a moderate distance and control your mimic in order to spare yourself from a few years more added to your real age when others look at you. Preserve the flawless condition of your look by skipping frowning which can be also generated by poor eyesight especially if we refuse to wear contact lenses as well as glasses.

Tap Water

Irritation and flaky skin are some of the most unpleasant conditions that might appear thanks to washing our face with tap water. Due to the high chlorine content the water might deprive our skin from the natural oils that lie on the surface of the skin keeping the pores hydrated and offering a protective shield from the contamination with dirt, smoke and other factors. Dryness is indeed one of the direct consequences of the regular exposure of our complexion to tap water. Water filters are indeed some of the revolutionary appliances used to avoid the common damages chlorine can cause to our skin.


Facial steaming has indeed its benefits of flushing out the free radicals and harmful ingredients from the body. This is done indeed through the skin which allows the regeneration of skin cells and the cleansing of pores.

However it seems that the subject of sauna and steaming in general is surrounded by controversies. Most skin care pros however agree that the excessive exposure of the skin to steam might reduce its elasticity ruining the collagen level.

Instead of using this skin detoxifying method more time per week than it is absolutely necessary make sure you plan the eventual steaming sessions leaving more days or weeks between the occasions.

High-Intensity Exercise

Exercising does miracles with out silhouette and organism in general. However it seems that it might not be that beneficial for the skin. Running is one of the most popular still dangerous workout plans that can contribute to the spoiling of our healthy complexion. Indeed this exercise can generate the break down of the collagen and also elastin in the skin cells. This finally leads to the reduces flexibility as well as resistance of the skin. Instead those who are sensitive to the external factors should instead choose walking or low intensity jogging as the best way to train their muscles and keep their skin in a fab condition.