How many times haven’t you looked at your photos and looked like your face was covered in grease? Well this effect is due to the oil found naturally on your complexion. Sebum, is a natural barrier against external factors and pollution, and it is secreted by our sebaceous glands. The amount of sebum secreted by the complexion differs depending on the type of complexion.

Whenever the light will hit the complexion the sebum will act like a mirror and will reflect the light back, thus making your face look very greasy. Here are some tips to help you look your best and shine without having an oily skin:

Find out your skin type, because there are different types of complexions and there are products available to deal with every type of complexion. You might be using the wrong products and this might cause your skin to look oily. Use a mattifying face cream in order to give your complexion a matte finish.

If you don’t usually have oily skin visit your physician because hormonal imbalances can trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oils, causing your skin to look greasy.

Apply an oily free foundation on your skin to create a flawless looking skin and dust some translucent powder over the foundation. The powder will not only help set the foundation it will also help give the face a matte finish.

Make sure you are eating right because certain foods can also help accentuate the oily complexion. A regular consumption of greasy, unhealthy food will accentuate oily complexion.

Make your own homemade facials destined to deal with an oily complexion. There are a variety of facial mask recipes you can use. You skin will radiate and look matter than usual.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been something invented which can help change your skin type, but fortunately there are a variety of products available on the market, which are meant to deal with oily complexions.

Use the right products, consider your make-up your best ally, and you will definitely shine on your own, without any help from your oily complexion. Shine from inside not from the outside and you will look and feel great.