The cosmetic industry develops so quickly that it is really hard to keep up the pace with the latest inventions. More, if we leave ourselves misled by the tons of commercials not even a large fortune would be enough to buy all the ‘necessary’ stuff for a basic skin care routine.

Fortunately some wise professionals came up with several ideas that can save us from going from ‘riches to rugs’. The only task is to adopt these guidelines and act both budget and nature-friendly.

The beauty industry offers lots of possibilities to purchase the newest products. From the 100% chemical to the more organic compositions. Whether we go for the pop brands or we raid the local store it seems that when shopping for skin care potions there’s no rooms for saving.

That’s when these ideas come onto the scene. Let’s see some basic tricks on how to save money on skin care.

It’s not a surprise that people hunt the most efficient and easy-to-handle homemade recipes to make their own skin care lotions and treatments.

Indeed this is the only method to make pure and organic beauty product without any additional chemicals. Moreover the ingredients can be found right in our kitchen.

Often herbs and vegetables as well as fruits serve as ideal antioxidant s and conditioners. Indeed some might not have an immediate result since the natural ingredients might need more time to exercise their effect.

However you’ll see the long-term result on your purse, that these recipes won’t exhaust your credit card so drastically.

Labels are the perfect guides to lead you through a money-saving skin care routine makeover.

These will enlist all the ingredients that might be found also in products created by less famous and echoed brands.The key to success is to look for the common elements in a more expensive and a cheaper product. You’ll notice that there are basic ingredients that are used for certain skin problems.

Sure you’ve experienced that you piled up different products from 3-4 different producers. The mistake lies in the fact that ideally these won’t work together, Each company develops a line of products: cleanser, toner, moisturizer etc. The formula is further improved with each product.

If you combine it with another item from another company it might not have the desired effect. Moreover skin doesn’t change so quickly as you might think. The best tip of skin care wizards is to buy the basic elements for the vital skin care from a single producer. Then if it’s not working change the line.

Keep using a product for at least 3 weeks, only if it doesn’t irritate or damaged your skin immediately. This is the ideal period a skin care lotion need to have an effect. Don’t give up applying it because you spotted a new invention. Give the treatment time for a spectacular effect.

There are several multi-task or versatile beauty products, that can fulfill different roles and you can save a pocket full of pennies with it.

There’s no need to buy products only for one purpose if you’ll find these smart inventions. In fact this is the key to economize, purchasing 2-in-1 products as Toners that can restore the proper pH level of the skin but also work miraculously in avoiding the formation of ingrown hair. Look for these products to turn your extravagant skin care routine into a wallet-friendly one.