Moisturizers are very important for the health of our skin and they should not be omitted. Depending on each persons preference you can choose to moisturize your skin naturally or artificially by using moisturizing creams.

While some people prefer to get their skin moisturized by using different brands of moisturizers, some people prefer a more natural approach. Regardless of how green or eco you are, moisturizing the skin is an important aspect of proper skin care regimen. If your skin feels dry and uncomfortable, moisturizer will most definitely help. Your skin will regain the moisture it lacks and feel soft and silky again. If you are a person who believes in the potency of natural ingredients you can use the following natural moisturizers to sooth your dry skin:


Milk has been known for it’s moisturizing benefits since ancient times when Cleopatra used it for her baths. Her skin was nourished and hydrated because of the proteins it contains, thus milk is a great natural moisturizer. Apply a few cups of milk into your bath water and enjoy your new silky skin.

Natural plain yogurt

Yogurt, just like milk is known for it’s moisturizing skin properties. It is a great natural moisturizer for the summer because it also helps cool down the skin. The natural plain yogurt needs to be applied over the skin, left on for about 10 minutes and washed off. You skin will remain silky and soft to the touch.

milk yogurt

Olive oil

Olive oil is known for it’s multiple skin and health benefits. It is very important to use extra virgin olive oil simply because it is the least processed out of all three olive oil types. Olive oil helps the skin retain moisture by simply applying it over the skins surface. Gently massage the olive oil into the skin and let it work it’s magic for about 15 minutes. Wash the olive oil off and you will instantly feel a difference in the way your skin feels.

Egg yolk and honey

This combo works wonders on your skin, and the mask made using these two ingredients is great for the complexion. Mix an egg yolk with a couple of teaspoons of honey and apply it on your face and neck. Massage the mixture onto your skin and wait for it to start drying. Once the mixture starts to dry wash it off with lukewarm water. Your skin will feel soft and silky to the tough.

If you are a true believer of the power of natural ingredients and your skin needs to regain it’s moisture be sure to give these ingredients a try and see how they work for you.