Face picking or Dermatillomania is one of the worst habits that can destroy our skin. More and more people either due to stress or other motifs tend to start hurting their face, both pimples and even the bare skin, until it becomes red and finally even breaks out. This is a severe problem and can be defeated only with help. Those who are engaged into this don’t even realize how damaging and dangerous this can be.

From generating simple acne to the more severe skin disorder and eczema, the skin can deteriorate in a quick pace. Those who won’t get any help from their relatives or friends should contact skin care professionals who will lead them through the process of quitting. The following tips will offer you a general idea on how to stop face picking especially if your are only a rookie in this.

As one of the most harmful factor that might affect our complexion, picking should be treated as a real problem. One of the methods is to have a serious attitude towards the tricks that might help you in giving up this habit.

Certainly you’ll have great craves for doing it, but you should always remind yourself that it’s wrong and suddenly switch it to a more beneficial task. Practice some self-control and test the limits of your will.

Wash your face regularly this is one of the rituals that can help you prevent the formation of severe skin disorders. Indeed, it won’t implicitly help you stop picking, however it will still offer protection to your complexion of the harmful bacteria you might contaminate the pores with.

Even if you are a self-proclaimed picker, experiment with the different cosmetic or homemade treatments for acne, pimples and whiteheads. At least do this with regularity and consciously. Do what’s necessary to furnish your skin with the proper care.

Trim your nails, it might seem drastic for the girls indeed. However, it seems that this is the only way to keep them away from your skin. Long nails might break and damage your complexion more than the shorter ones.

Make sure you keep them on a normal length and clean. If you feel it hard to keep them off your zits, do this tiny sacrifice and wear stylish but mini nails.

Keep yourself busy with productive activities. These will efficiently distract your attention form the need to pick your face. Start going to the gym or paint, play an instrument.

Try to devote your spare time to these tasks at least for a shorter period until you get used to not touching your face. This is one of the best methods professionals also recommend to quicken the process of quitting.

Identifying the triggering factor is another therapy used to treat skin picking. Indeed, if you’ll be aware of your habit right when the craves are occurring, you might be clever enough to find the main reason for its appearance. When you found out the triggering factor, make sure you control yourself as soon as you get nervous or anxious. Instead find another act to substitute the picking with.

There are more beneficial habits as whistling or breathing techniques that can temper your nerves. Experiment with these even asking a friend to remind you to do that if you might forget about it.

Finally, eliminate all the magnifying mirrors from your room. There’s no need to increase your need for picking when you look into the mirror and spot a tiny section that would be perfect to play with. Instead, keep away of spending too much time in front of these and especially don’t go too close and stop analyzing your complexion, these all lead to temptation.