Blemishes can pose a bit of a problem especially if we are looking to obtain a flawless look. They are characterized by discoloration on the skin. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads can also be referred to as blemishes.

Blemishes can also be effected by external factors like pollution. This may cause blemishes to appear or become more obvious. To obtain a flawless complexion turn towards the help of make-up. Make-up can offer a temporary solution to a flawless looking complexion, a complexion which will be to envy if the make-up is applied right.

In order to avoid irritating the blemishes it is best to maintain a healthy clean complexion by washing the hands and the facial skin regularly. It is best to use mild cleansers which will remove the dirt off the skins surface gently.

Moisturize your skin to hydrate it and prevent it from over drying. Use a moisturizer which is destined exactly for your skin type.

Choose a concealer which would match best the color of the spot you wish to conceal. Usually you can find concealers colored in 3 different colors, green, yellow and lavender. Yellow tone concealer works best in concealing dark, bluish colored bruises, dark circles and reddish spots. Lavender colored concealer can help neutralize yellowish skin coloration and dark under eye circles. It’s a concealer which works well on tanned skin. Green colored concealers work really well in neutralizing red colored blemishes, rosacea, and red colored pimples.

Apply the proper concealer on the blemish to conceal it, using your fingers, a brush or a foundation sponge.

Apply the concealer in a circular motion and make sure you blend well the edges with the rest of the surrounding skin to make the transition less visible.

Apply the foundation in a downward motion making sure not to rub too much in the area where the concealer was applied. Set the foundation with loose powder and you are all set.

Your complexion should now look flawless, without any visible imperfections.