A good facial toner is an essential cosmetic product that everyone who is interested in having a perfect skin should purchase. A facial toner is basically a product that removes soap residue, helps restore the pH balance, removes the excess oil and even helps minimize and prevent acne breakouts. Toners can be divided into three main categories depending on the percentage of alcohol they contain.

Skin fresheners are recommended for those who have dry skin and contain less then 10% alcohol. The second category is represented by skin tonics that have up to 20% alcohol being suitable most skin types. The third category is called astringents containing up to 60% alcohol being recommended for extremely oily skin.

While some people argue that because today’s modern facial cleansers don’t leave the same residues on the skin like the products that were developed in the past , many people have become convinced that facial toners are a necessary addition to any skin cleaning routine. Here are the main benefits of using facial toners:

Improved skin tone: By increasing blood circulation and restoring the optimal pH balance, our complexion automatically improves

Better makeup set-up: Because facial toners remove excess oil and other impurities, make-up adheres better and can last longer.

Minimized pores: Facial toners help tighten large pores due to their astringent components, moisturizing and refreshing the face at the same time.

Better acne control: The active ingredients contained in facial toners remove impurities and due to the fact that they contain alcohol they are also able to kill bacteria responsible for acne breakouts

When choosing a facial toner, your skin type is the most important factor that determines the most suitable toner for you. If you have dry skin you should avoid facial toners with a high percentage of alcohol as much as possible. An alcohol free toner or one that doesn’t contain salicylic acid is an ideal choice. If despite these recommendations the facial toners still dries out your skin try using it only every other day.

Also if the skin becomes red or you have a burning sensation, you should try changing your facial toner with one that has a milder formula. Sensitive skin generally reacts well to a rosewater facial toner.

For normal and combination skin a facial toner with a moisturizing formula and less than 20% alcohol is the best choice. A facial toner that contains AHA exfoliating agents will prove to be beneficial for these types of skin. If you have an excessively oily skin it’s be to use an astringent toner.

If your skin is prone to developing acne the best facial toner for you is one that contains at least 2% salicylic acid. Because applying an astringent solution can have an adverse effect on the skin, overdrying it, it’s recommended to use facial toner only on the problematic spots, avoiding the eye area as much as possible.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to purchase the most expensive products to enjoy the maximum benefits that facial toners can provide. Also if you have sensitive skin it’s best to avoid artificial fragrances as much as possible.

Try to go as natural as possible when it comes to your skin care routine by choosing facial cleaners that have not been tested on animals, have biodegardable ingredients and avoid toxic ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, dioxin or VCOs as these chemicals have proven to be harmful to our body, disrupting the endocrine system.