Tired of trying “wonder” wrinkle-relieving beauty products which don’t deliver? Are you considering facelift surgery? According to beauty experts, facial massage is a painless and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Here is how to use facial massage to prevent wrinkles or reduce them.

Why Use Facial Massage for Wrinkles

– It stimulates circulation, encouraging the exchange of nutrients and the elimination of waste and toxins.

– It tightens and lifts the facial muscles.

– By stimulating circulation, it opens up those areas where wrinkles have emerged.

– It helps you get rid of puffiness.

– It releases endorphins.

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Facial Massage Techniques

1. Circular Massage Method

This is a very effective method of massage for wrinkles, which you can do at home. Cleanse your face and hands to keep bacteria at bay. You can use your regular moisturizing lotion as massage oil. Do not use a product that contains oil if you’ve got acne-prone skin. Massage the areas most vulnerable to wrinkling (forehead, cheeks, mouth), using gentle, circular motions. Continue for about 20 minutes.

2. Patting Method

This is another quick and easy form of massage for wrinkles, which will stimulate blood flow and invigorate the skin. Leaning forward slightly, pat your face using the bottom side of your fingers. Continue for 15 to 20 seconds.

3. Massage & Moisturize

This is a very easy massage for wrinkles routine which you can incorporate with moisturizing. You can use your moisturizing lotion or a natural oil, such as jojoba or apricot kernel oil.

  • – Pour the oil in the palm of your hands and rub it lightly.

  • – Slowly run your hands upwards along your cheekbones until the bottom part of your palms reaches your temples. Continue for 1 to 2 minutes.

  • – Rub one palm over your forehead, along a horizontal line, changing hand directions. Do this for one minute. Place your thumbs under your chin and gently massage up and down.

4. Acupressure Point Massage for Wrinkles

Possibly the best technique of massage for wrinkles is acupressure point massage. The main facial acupressure points are situated in the inner edge of the eye orbits, the inner ends of the eyebrows, at the temples, next to the nostrils and just under your nose. An acupressure facial massage consists in pressing these and other acupressure points on the face, stimulating blood, oxygen and energy flow.

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5. Massage for Wrinkles around the Mouth

Zigzag: Laying one hand on each cheek, massage the skin around the mouth using zigzag movements.

Fast lifting: Cup hands round the chin and lift upwards across the cheek using a light and rapid movement.

6.Massage for Wrinkles on the Neck

Knuckling: Using your knuckles, massage your upper chest, shoulders and neck area, working in small circular movements.

Kneading: Using a kneading motion, massage the skin of your upper chest, shoulders and neck between your fingers and thumb, pushing it upwards.

Lifting Movements Facial Massage

7. Yoga-Inspired Facial Poses

Facial massage movements can also be mediated by yoga-inspired facial poses The Roaring Lion Pose of Simhasana is a very effective way to strengthen your facial muscles. In a kneeling position, with your back straight, place your palms on your knees. Slowly open your mouth and bring your tongue out. While exhaling, stretch your tongue out completely. Keeping your tongue in the same position, hold your breath, open your eyes wide and expose your teeth. The clue is in the name: You should look like a ‘Roaring Lion’. Try to hold the pose as long as you can. Release and repeat.

When to Do Facial Massage for Wrinkles

The best time of day to do a facial massage for wrinkles is first thing in the morning, so as to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness.


Whenever doing a facial massage, be gentle, as the skin on your face is very delicate. Always use a lotion or moisturizer and avoid the delicate under-eye area.

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