French women seem to have found the secret of a flawless and youthful skin. It’s time you discovered them too, so check out these French women’s skin care tips!

French Women’s Skin Care Tip: Hydration

Hydration is certainly a great French skin care tip you should follow. Water is French women’s secret weapon, both for the complexion and body. It helps eliminate toxins and also keeps the weight under control. That’s why it would be best to drink a glass of water in the evening, before going to sleep. This way you’ll keep your body hydrated and energized and your skin healthy and fresh.

French Women’s Skin Care Tips: Pre-Sun Pills

Taking Pills

Pre-sun pills have become one of the best French women’s skin care tips nowadays. These European ladies know the risks of a prolonged sun exposure. This is the reason why they prefer to resort to these types of pills that will provide a beautiful glow, as if the skin has just been kissed by the sun.

Moreover, these pills are believed to contain vitamin E, selenium and carotenoids, ingredients that will keep the skin hydrated and also accelerate the production of melanocytes. They also have omega fatty acids and antioxidants that will prevent skin damage. Thus, you’ll get to flaunt an amazing and healthy glow. Nevertheless, it’s also recommended to pair your supplements with sunscreen!

Natural Skin Care Tips for Women: Exfoliation

Take a look at one of the most important natural skin care tips for women! You should go for a dry brush exfoliation that you can perform in the morning. This helps remove dead skin cells and also encourages toxin elimination. Plus, this type of exfoliation will also improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness. And if you want to get down to business, it would be best to buy a natural bristle brush. This item will help remove dead skin cells and impurities gently.

Good products: ACCA KAPPA Bioceta Natural Bristle Back Brush ($62) and Janeke (Made In Italy) White Pure Bristle Brush – Ivory Colour (35cm & Round) ($144).

French Women’s Skin Care Routine: Facial Masks

Face Masks

Facial masks play a very important role in French women’s skin care routine. These beauty treatments balance the skin, hydrate and also make it look brighter. In addition to this, French ladies prefer using homemade masks that can keep their complexion nourished for a longer amount of time.

You should also know that these types of masks have become a family thing among French women; homemade facial remedies being passed on from generation to generation. This being said, you should start to prepare them at home, using special ingredients such as lavender or seaweed. Lavender is perfect if you need to relax, while seaweed will help cleanse and revitalize your complexion.

French Beauty Routines: Moisturizing

Moisturizing should also be included amongst the best French beauty routines you should enjoy. It’s believed that these European women consider skin care very important, as they love to flaunt a healthy, luminous and flawless complexion all year long. They not only resort to hydrating creams in achieving this goal, but also to natural oils, such as extra virgin olive oil or argan oil. These moisturizing elixirs have been integrated in French beauty rituals for years, being one of the most effective beauty remedies suitable for the entire family.

Regular French Beauty Routine: Thermal Water

Using thermal water is an important part of the regular French beauty routine. French women use it just after cleansing their skin and they’re very pleased with the results. Thermal water products don’t harm your skin and can revitalize your complexion. Besides this, there are a lot of brands available on the market. Popular products included in French women’s skin care routine are La Roche Posay – Thermal Spring Water ($13) and Vichy Thermal Spa Water ($14).

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