Our diet plan determines both our body, nail, hair and skin condition. How could we neglect this fact? That’s why it is time to revolutionize our meals by including ingredients that can do the regenerating and soothing job for us. A healthy skin glow can dress up our look, a bright and spotless complexion is the basic accessory for success.

Nutritionists hand in hand with skin care specialists identified the foods that can have the ability to restore health and at the same time improve the condition of our skin. Learn more about the basic foods for a glowing skin.

Green Leafy Vegetables

These vegetables provide our organism and skin with a huge load of vitamin A. This nutrient contributes to cell production and regeneration. Regardless if consumed raw, frozen, super-fresh or steamed, the point is to include it into our daily meal plan.

The vitamin A it offers is a top-notch element to have a beautiful naturally glowing skin. This wonder group contains vegetables as broccoli, spinach, and turnip greens.

Citric Fruits

Vitamin C booster fruits are essential to have a flawless complexion. Our organism can’t store the necessary amount of this nutrient, that’s why citric foods are the best source to fill the supplies.

Oranges, limes and grapefruits enhance the resistance and firmness of the skin. Keeping the collagen level on the right track, these ingredients will prevent our skin from sagging and becoming dull.

The teen years are the best period to do a huge favor to your skin. Try to consume as much of citric acid as you can to slow down the aging process. If you are fed up with raw fruit, try some delicious salads, juices and fresh lemonade.


As the quintessential anti-aging agent, Omega-3 fatty acids are the guarantee for an amazingly glowing skin. However, there’s no reason to exaggerate with the intake, since 2 meals per day that include seafoods is enough to have the desired effect.

Sardines, pacific herrings, shellfish, tuna and salmon as well as trout can offer a protective shield from the harmful factors as the rays of the sun, pollution and others. The protein content ensures cell reproduction and the protein amount that adds the glowing effect to our skin.


Avocados can be highlighted as the main source of vitamin E. More and more celebrities promote the effect of this ingredient, claiming that besides its anti-aging effect it can also cleanse the skin from blemishes and other skin problems.

By moisturizing the skin, it secures the proper hydration of the pores. Frequently used also in the anti-wrinkle battle, avocados have the miraculous ability to slow down aging and the sagging of the skin.