Summer days are coming towards an end for most of us, so changing our skin care routine is a must. The seasons are constantly changing and so are the effects they have on our skin, this is why it is important to know and understand how certain factors influence our skin in order to protect it.

Different seasons are characterized by different factors: summer by warmth, autumn by cold and wind. To make sure our skin maintains it’s health and it’s protection against environmental factors it is necessary to take the necessary measures of skin care.

Due to the most common characteristics of the fall season: cooler temperatures, harsher winds, and the constant temperature changes between the inside and the outside, the skin can become more sensitive and more likely to become dry, tight, itchy and irritated. All these characteristics can have a negative effect over the skin by stripping it of its moisture.

To protect the skin against all these damaging factors you can:

clean the face with lukewarm water and mild face wash to remove all the excess sebum in the morning and before bed, so the dirt deposited at skin level throughout the day can be eliminated. Do not remove all the oils of your skin because the oils act like a natural barrier against external factors

apply a heavy moisturizer with SPF protection. Even though it’s not summer the UV rays are still present and can affect the skin. The moisturizer cream will prevent the skin from drying out due to cold temperatures and winds

drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. This way your skin will maintain it’s hydration and elasticity

exfoliate the skin every once in a while to remove all the dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can be trapped inside the pores and cause pimples. Removing them will also help new skin cells development and promote smoother softer skin

protect your lips with chapstick or lip balm. The wind and cold temperatures can cause the lips to flake due to dehydration. Lip balm can help moisturize and protect the lips to maintain them in perfect condition

eat healthy foods because the nutrients received from different foods will prepare and protect your skin against external damaging factors

Caring for your skin will maintain your skin looking healthy, soft and smooth. It will also prevent it from looking dull, aged and wrinkled.