Dealing with combination skin might seem confusing, however if you manage to organize a well-structured schedule you’ll see that this complexion doesn’t need more rather a different treatment from the other skin types. Using the same product for the oily and dry spots is a real no-no.

The first step is to know the proper measure to keep these two areas clean and prevent the appearance of any acne and skin problems.

Furnishing the pores and tissues with the vital nutrients is the first step towards solving the complications combination skin might generate. Follow these tips for the best combination skin care.

Usually the spots where the skin is dry or oily variate. The nose is often greasy due to the large amount of sebaceous glands that are in this area. On the other hand the cheek can be extremely dry. In order to maintain your skin spotless, you’ll have to deal with both skin types. This can only be done with the use of special products designed for this complexion.

Cleansing is extremely important when removing dirt and other toxins from the surface of the skin. Combination skin requires a balanced skin care routine. That’s why to protect both the dry and oily parts skip over-cleansing and use a simple and mild solution to do it.

Besides the specific products it seems that your skin type goes perfectly with a simple foaming cleanser. This will help you keep the dry skin hydrated and the oily one free from breakouts.

Toners are equally essential, use one for both spots. The only condition however is to look out for the ingredients that might dry out and at the same time increase the greasy effect of your skin.

Use toners that are either glycerin- or water-based these on one hand will nurture your skin on the other hand contain enough antioxidants to cover the pores with a protective shield.

One of the greatest mistakes in combination skin care is to use alcohol-based products. As the greatest allies of acne and dehydration, these will weaken the skin to an extent that its resistance to infections and skin disorders will be reduced to minimum. Avoid these products to banish excessive oil production and chapped skin.

Moisturizer are basic elements of a complexion skin care schedule. It’s true that your oily skin won’t need extra moisture still it should be taken into account that these products provide your skin tissues with the top notch vitamins and nutrients. Make sure to use an oil-free product on both the dry and greasy area in order to hydrate them rather than worsening their condition.

Unless both spots will absorb the oily lotion causing possible breakouts. Moreover choose a moisturizer that has a high preferably over 15 SPF. Sun protection is just as important as in the case of other skin types.

Exfoliation is another crucial step in skin care. Combination skin due to the dead cells produced by the oily skin as well as dry patches is in great need of a thorough detox. This is the best method to eliminate all the toxins and dead cells from the skin and this way boost the healthy cell reproduction. Use peels rather than harsh scrubs, these will have a beneficial effect on both skin types. Keep away of too abrasive ones that might hurt the surface of the skin.