Looking youthful and flawless for as long as possible is everyone’s dream, but until someone discovers an eternal youth elixir, we can turn our attention towards other treatments meant to preserve a youthful appearance, and one of those treatments are chemical peels.

Chemical peels are meant to maintain the skin’s youthful and flawless appearance by removing some of the old skin cells off the surface of the skin. There are several chemical peel types meant to obtain different and better results. Chemical peels have been kept a secret of Hollywood celebrities, as they recurred to these treatments to maintain their skin youthful looking so find out their types and benefits so you can take advantage of these great treatments when you think your skin needs a renewal.

There are three basic types of chemical peels depending on the substances used to perform the peels. Different substances are used to obtain light, medium or deep effects, depending on skin damage and wrinkle degree. The basic three types are :

Light chemical peels

Medium chemical peels

Deep chemical peels

Light chemical peels are mostly used to remove the top layers of skin cells and deal with super fine lines and acne scars. This type of chemical treatment uses mild chemical solutions that are not as harsh on the skin, removing only a superficial layer of the skin to allow newer skin cells to take it’s place. Light chemical peels are not painful are don’t require any anesthesia.

Medium chemical peels are a little bit harsher on the skin are remove more skin cells than light chemical peels. This type of procedure doesn’t require general anesthesia but it does require some pain killer medicines since it is a little bit painful.

Deep chemical peels use chemical substances which deeply remove the skin cells to allow skin renewal. This type of procedure is done under general anesthesia since it is a painful procedure which requires weeks of recovery until the skin starts to fully regenerate. One single treatment can take away years and remove deep wrinkles revealing a smooth, flawless new skin.

All chemical peels are performed depending on the skin’s needs and are performed only by qualified physicians. Like with any chemical procedure there are certain risks, mostly risks of infection. Chemical peels are great treatments which can leave your skin looking gorgeous.