If we were to guess which beauty treatment has known an overwhelming increase in the past few years becoming a million dollar industry in itself, our thoughts would undoubtedly go towards botox injections. Aesthetic plastic surgery has become a great option for those who aspire to get eternal youth and want to correct some of the features that make them self conscious.

As baffling as it mights seem thousands of people will gladly pay to get injected with a toxin that can paralyze the muscles of their face for up to six months. Let’s take a closer look at what botox treatments entitle to be able to understand better their pros and cons.

About Botox

Botox or Botulinum Toxin A is a substance that is synthesized from Clostridium botulinum, bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning and if left untreated might even cause death. This toxin is being purified and then injected into the patient’s skin where it blocks acetylcholine receptors, causing a temporary muscle paralysis by blocking the transmission of impulses to the nerves, creating a smoother skin surface. Botox treatments are not only used to minimize wrinkles but can also be used to create fuller lips, relive eyelid and eye muscle spasms or to relieve excessive underarm sweating and its effects on other types of beauty and health problems are still being studied.



Some of the benefits of botox injections have already been mentioned thought this article and due to the intense marketing campaigns are already well known to the public. However it’s worth remembering the benefits that serve as a such powerful motivation in order to be able to make a good analysis.

First of all in terms of cost and convenience botox is a viable alternative for plastic surgery such as face lift being less expensive, less painful and deliver almost instantaneous results, being also called a long hour procedure.

Botox has a beneficial impact on fine lines being an effective wrinkle reducer acting on various problems such as fine lines, frown lines and crow’s feet or minimizing scars and research is still being done to determine whether the treatment can be applied for the treatment of headaches or for other pain treatments. Another thing that should be mention is that in United States the FDA approved botox for cosmetic treatments, a thing that eliminates a degree of worries immediately.


Now that we’ve covered the basic benefits of botox treatments, it’s time to take a look at the side effects that they might have as well as other disadvantages that might make you think twice before undergoing this type of procedure. In terms of cost, the procedure is certainly not an affordable one.

A single botox treatment per area can cost anywhere between $250 and $450 per session, none of which is covered by insurance, an aspect that is by no means negligible, especially considering the fact that you will need several sessions in order to maintain the youthfulness can acquire and the fact that the effects of this shots will vanish four to six months later. These costs might vary in different regions

In terms of heath concerns, specialists say there are not many things to worry about. When the procedure is done by a professional dermatologist the only side effects that might occur are nausea, temporary headaches, swelling, bruising, pain. Muscle weakness that might limit facial movement is another side effect that can occur and might often be accompanied by flu like symptoms.

Botox pros and cons