The teenage years are the most beautiful but troublesome years especially when it comes to body care. It is the time when the hormones are going wild, causing acne and other skin problems, hair problems and so on.

These are problems every person needs to surpass, but it makes a great difference how you tackle these problems. Skin and body care is very important especially during puberty and teenage years.

Here are some things you should try to avoid when you are a teenager:

Avoid wearing heavy foundation if you have acne skin problems. By using foundation you will only make things worst because your skin will not be able to breath as it should.

Pores might get clogged and you may cause even more breakouts. Apply a concealer to hide your skin problems instead, because it too will help you get coverage while still allowing your face to breath.

Avoid going to sleep without cleansing your face even if you weren’t wearing make-up. Dirt and pollution will affect your skin too. Make sure you clean your face every day to avoid dirt getting trapped into your pores. The trapped dirt might get infected and cause breakouts and pimples.

Avoid picking skin care products that work for your friends and don’t match your skin type. There are several types of complexions so you should find what type you have. Cosmetic products are usually designed for a certain type of complexion so it can best benefit it. What works for one type of complexion won’t work for the other so use only products designed for either: sensitive, dry, oily, normal or mixed skin complexion.

Avoid wearing too much makeup because too much makeup will make you look aged. Go for a more natural look because less is more especially if you are a teenager. Don’t cover up your beautiful, youthful skin.

Do not share your makeup. Bacteria usually forms on makeup especially if they are not cleaned regularly. You can transfer bacteria from one person to another and get infections. Use only your own makeup and make sure you clean them regularly.

Take care of your skin because your skin is very important. Take care of it properly and it will still look youthful in the future.