The importance and benefits of skin care and makeup are well known this is why it is women try to invest in good quality products. Every woman should know the basic cosmetics needed in skin care and makeup so she can look and feel gorgeous.

There are a variety of cosmetic products to choose from just so women can select the right product for their needs. In order to save money but still benefit from your cosmetics you need to invest in a few basic skin care and makeup products of your desired brand. Some cosmetics are more expensive than others, depending on brand and ingredients contained so try to choose a brand that will meet your standards and financial possibilities. Here are the basic cosmetics that should be found in your cosmetics kit:

Mild facial cleanser

Basic skin care starts with this skin care product as it helps clean the dirt and sebum covering the complexion. Along the entire day and night dirt sticks to the complexion this is why it is important to remove it completely. Wash using warm water and give a final rinse of cold water to close the pores.


Facial as well as body moisturizers are essential in skin care as they help nourish and moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying. Choose an SPF protection moisturizer during the summer to protect your skin against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.


Exfoliating skin care products are a must as they have the ability to remove dead skin cells off the skin. Using a mild exfoliator about once every week or two is essential if you want your skin to look and feel fabulous. Your skin will instantly feel fabulous and look refreshed. Using a moisturizer after exfoliation is a must to prevent the skin from over drying.

Skin foundation

Skin foundations come in different forms just so women can find the product that suits their skin best. Foundations also come in a variety of shades so they can match all complexion tones. Choose right, apply the product properly on the skin and your complexion will receive a flawless look.

Translucent powder

The translucent powder is a must have cosmetic product as your makeup foundation will set better on your skin. The powder will also help give your skin a matte finish as this is the look most women are looking to obtain.

Eyeliners, eyeshadows and mascara

These three products are a must have if you want to look fabulous. Different shades of eyeshadow will allow you to create your makeup according to the occasion and the season. This combo will help complete your look so be diverse when it comes to eyeliner and eyeshadow color.

Makeup remover

Removing your makeup is very important as you want your skin to be able to breath during the night. The makeup might clog your pores and cause acne and other skin problems so remove your makeup before going to sleep. Use makeup remover wipes if you are traveling and don’t have the possibility to use other products.

Take good care of your skin and it will show its gratitude by enhancing your natural beauty. Your skin is your “ace in the sleeve” so learn how to use it to your advantage.