Wrinkles are an unfortunate and inevitable part of life, however, the number and severity of the wrinkles is definitely influenced by our habits. While there’s little we can do to influence the natural aging process, changing a few detrimental habits is something that is entirely in our control. Here are a few habits that cause premature wrinkles you might want to consider changing, besides the obvious ones such as skipping sunscreens, using tanning beds or not removing makeup before going to bed:


Just 10 years of smoking are enough to speed up the aging process, even though the early stages might not be immediately obvious. There are three ways in which smoking facilitates wrinkle formation: the repetitive act of holding a cigarette causes vertical lines around the lips. Over time, smoking constricts blood vessels and inhibits circulation which makes delivery of vital nutrients to the skin harder. Moreover, smoking has also been linked to faster disintegration of collagen.

Sleeping Positions And Wrinkles

Sleeping habits

Sleeping and skin aging are linked in more than one way. Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis causes the body to produce cortisol, which breaks down the skin cells. However, even if you’re getting enough sleep, the sleeping position you adopt can still cause the skin to sag faster. Try to sleep on your back rather than on your side or tummy to prevent unnecessary wrinkles.

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The delicate eye area is very sensitive to wrinkling and repetitive motions such as squinting can easily cause or deepen wrinkles. In addition to avoiding squinting, try to also avoid as much as possible excessive skin pulling and tugging as well as rubbing your eyes.

Alcohol Causes Wrinkles


Alcohol also affects the skin in a number of ways: through dehydration, by depleting vitamin A and by reducing the skin’s elasticity especially after prolonged periods, which is why limiting the number of alcoholic beverages each week is a smart move.

Diet choices

Overindulging your sweet tooth can signal trouble and not just for your waistline. Several studies have linked sugar consumption to premature skin aging. Avoiding processed foods containing high fructose corn syrup and white sugar can help improve your chances of avoiding deep premature wrinkles.

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