Tattoos are a unique form of self expression, so beauty is mostly in the eye of the beholder. However, there are cases when it’s next to impossible not to think that some choices have a well deserved spot on the list of the worst tattoos ever created. Lacking originality, artistic skills or proper grammar, these tattoos should definitely be a lesson in what not to do, if you ever decide getting inked:

Food can indeed be a great pleasure in life, but does it really deserve to be honored in the form of a tattoo? There were definitely people who thought so and consequently allocated spaces on their bodies for it. While at least some made sure that their tattoo could be easily covered when desired, others decided to immortalize their food preferences in much more visible spots.

Broccoli TattooChicken Wings TattooCheese Lover Tattoo

We’ll never know what makes a McDonald’s meal so important and memorable that it absolutely has to take a permanent place on one’s body, but that receipt will forever remind someone of that time they went to a fast food joint and decided to have a crystal clear reminder of the 2014 fast food prices.

Mcdonalds Receipt Tattoo

The easiest way to make sure a tattoo is neither original nor could it ever be perceived as creative? Make it a group tattoo and be sure to choose one the most overused acronyms of the moment. Try as we might to find a reason why the YOLO group tattoo could ever be considered a good idea, it’s still one of the most stupid tattoos we’ve come across.

Stupid Yolo Group Tattoos

Popularity and good looks might be enough to earn someone the title of prom queen, but such honor definitely doesn’t come with perks such as proper grammar skills or at least the common sense to choose a tattoo artist that spell checks before getting to work.

Prome Queen Misspelled Tattoo

We get it: technology and gaming have the power to stir intense reactions. Even so, why someone would choose to have a tattoo of a game they hate in such a visible place will forever remain a mystery. On the same vein, Google might indeed be one of man’s best friends but is a Google it knuckle tattoo really necessary to show it? Apparently so.

This Game Sucks Ugly TattooGoogle It Knuckle Tattoo

Some choose to wear their heart on their sleeve…others to get camera tattoos on their arm. At least it’ll be a reminder of old technology for posterity.

Face tattoos are easily one of the dumbest tattoo choices, but when they also manage to look like permanent smudges, they instantly become top contenders to the list of worst tattoo designs ever created.

Camera Arm TattooDumb Face Tattoo

Is one of your goals in life to get child support? Immortalize it as tramp stamp….or better yet, don’t ever, ever do that unless you want be the proud owner of one of the stupidest tattoos ever.

Child Support Tattoo

Celebrities aren’t exempt from making bad tattoo design choices. Scarlett Johansson’s Lucky You tattoo, which looks like something drawn by a first grader, is a good proof.

Scarlett Johansson Lucky You Tattoo

We simply couldn’t finish off the list of some of the most terrible tattoo designs across the web, without showing some of the least romantic expressions of love…or whatever the person getting the tattoo was thinking about. When it comes to the least attractive representations of a kiss, this tattoo is definitely one of the big winners.

Couple Tentacles Kiss Tattoo

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