What Are White Ink Tattoos?

White ink tattoos are permanent skin designs, similar to black or colored tattoos, that are made only using white tattoo ink. These tattoos are different from the standard ones in the sense that they’re more subtle, and may even glow when exposed to UV light!

This type of tattoos have become increasingly popular during the past few years, mainly because the white ink is able to emphasize beautifully crafted designs in a way that black or colored ink is not able to.

White ink tattoos are usually more visible and better looking on tan or dark skin. What’s more, it is highly important that the design is performed by a skilled tattoo artist, otherwise the result may be far from ideal.

Why a White Ink Tattoo?

A white ink tattoo may be a good choice if you’re looking for a beauty statement, but your career does not allow you to sport regular tattoos. A tattoo performed using white ink is delicate and almost invisible, especially if it’s small.

White Ink Tattoo Glow In The DarkWhite Ink Tattoo

Problems with White Ink Tattoos

There are several issues you need to take into account before deciding to get a white ink tattoo. First of all, white ink is usually fickle, meaning that it may or may not stay for a long time on your skin. To be more precise, your stunning white ink tattoo may discolor after a while and look more like a scar.

Secondly, your body may not respond very well to white tattoo ink. Therefore, instead of getting what you pay for, your healed white ink tattoo might look like a protuberant, swollen, oozing scar.

White Ink Tattoo Design

Last but not least, keep in mind that a healed white ink tattoo may be quite different from what you imagined. If a properly healed tattoo will be smooth and white, there are cases when the tattoo gets a yellowish tinge, or no color at all! These are the main reasons why many tattoo artists don’t dare or are unwilling to tackle the white ink tattoo issue.

Remember also that white ink tattoos should not be exposed to the sun – at least not as you would do with the rest of your body! Sun rays, and other harsh weather elements may ruin the white tattoo ink, washing it off.

White Ink Tattoos

White Ink Tattoos Cost

White ink tattoos cost may vary, but you should keep in mind that this kind of designs are usually more expensive, as they require more work than a regular tattoo. And when deciding to get a white ink tattoo, you should definitely be prepared to invest in this personal statement: better artists charge higher fees, but at least you’ll know that you (probably) get what you pay for.

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