In the last couple of years, body art has began to be one of the most powerful, daring and original forms of self expression. In terms of aesthetics and symbolism, floral tattoos seem to be in perfect equilibrium satisfying the natural desire for beauty as well as offering a large palette of different meanings that is another essential element that a tattoo should have. In terms of symbolism, flowers generally tend to evoke seductiveness, delicacy, purity and femininity. However, various cultures have come up with many additional meanings for different types of flowers.

When it comes to the most popular floral tattoos there are few symbols that tend to be used extensively in many different forms. Typically flowers like lilies, hibiscus, lotus, roses or orchids are in the top preferences of those who choose a floral tattoo. Often used as a representation of a close person, these symbols are an expression of a variety of different emotions and qualities such as love, passion, majesty, refinement, nobility, perseverance or grace. However, when combined with other elements, floral tattoos can receive a lot of different connotations that can entirely change the meanings associated with it.

Tribal elements are often encountered in various traditional tattoos in one way or the other because they immediately add a more interesting touch that increases the versatility of a tattoo and allow a greater variety of possibilities when it comes to self expression. Tribal elements can create a more mysterious allure increasing the sexiness of a tattoo by adding it a mysterious allure. Usually, tribal elements are a common choice for those who choose dramatic full body tattoo designs but they can also make smaller tattoos stand out by making them look more complex.

As far as the placement of floral tattoos, there are a variety of options depending on the personal tastes of each individual. Most girls choose areas such as the shoulder blade, the rib cage or the lower back region to get the desired tattoo, however, it’s not uncommon to see these designs on the ankle area or on the arms. Although big across the body tattoos are considered the most beautiful and expressive ones, it’s not necessary to choose these designs to be able to get noticed and look fabulous. A small yet well placed tattoo can have an impact that is just as powerful.

An essential aspect you should decide on in advance is the tattoo coloration. This is perhaps the decision that can have the greatest impact on the final result. When customizing a tattoo design make sure to think thoroughly about the colors and effects that you want to use to liven up this design as this is the aspect that probably has the highest importance in the future because it will help you avoid boredom. Nowadays there are a variety of techniques that can be used to add a 3D effect and a subtle shadow so you could really benefit from a discussion with the tattoo artist about the techniques that can help you enjoy your dream tattoo for years to come.

It’s important to think outside of the box a little to increase the chances of getting a tattoo that is completely original and that will be a vivid representation of something that is important to you because in this way you will be able to create a lot of positive associations that will help you accept this tattoo as an integrating part of your personality for the rest of your life.

If you are a devoted fan of tattoos as a body art, you can also integrate floral tattoos in more complex tattoos that will have an increased power when it comes to representing your personality and that will make you be on the spotlight no matter where you go. Choose the floral tattoo design wisely and you will have no regrets as the time passes. Floral tattoos will remain one of the most beautiful classic tattoo designs for women.