Temporary tattoo kits are some of the great attractions of the body art market. These offer millions the opportunity to sport some of the most popular and artistic designs without having to commit themselves to a lifelong decision. These include some of the glittery designs as well as the oh-so-fabulous and stylish henna tattoos as well as additional techniques that help us add a unique flair to our appearance.

Applying these tattoos won’t require refined skills or huge effort. Instead all you have to do is follow the basic instructions and pay special care to your skin in order to avoid damages or allergic reactions. Explore the modern techniques of temporary body art with the help of the following ideas that furnish you with an insight into the art of similar techniques. These are some of the basic temporary tattoo tips to consider before deciding to reward yourself with a similar jewelry.


Everyone regardless of his/her age can try out these fun and easy-to-apply temporary tattoo alternatives. Stick-ons are creative and can be placed almost all over the body. These won’t necessitate a lot of time and energy all you have to do is soak the back of the stick-on paper into pure water and remove the cover then apply it to the body.

These body art stickers have the advantage of doing no harm to your skin. Furthermore these can be purchased in all body shops or average stores. These are the safest version of body art both in the case of adults as well as children. The period these would last on your skin would be from 2 to 7 hours depending on the exposure to various conditions as water or heat and also the quality of your skin

Temporary Henna Tattoo Hands Henna Tattoos Feet

Henna Kit

As one of the most sophisticated temporary body art techniques make sure you use them with great care. These indeed require more talent especially when it comes of drawing and creating your unique and trademark patterns rather than relying on various blueprints. Henna offers a long-lasting effect and might stay on your skin more than the average stick-on prints. Henna tattoos are created all over the world though their origins can be found in India. As one of the sacred and acclaimed bridal accessories these would decorate the skin of ladies and young girls with beautiful and meaningful patterns.

Before you would purchase a similar kit make sure you buy fresh ingredients therefore read the labels for data. Mix the henna powder with sugar, tea or lemon juice as well as coffee depending on your preferences. After the careful application with Mishwak pick or a more accessible tool the body shop stencils or even cake decorators, you’ll observe a brownish color on your skin which would be the actual tint that is created with henna. Leave on the paste as long as possible and before you would go to bed make sure you use a simple business card to take the extra-paste off when dry and leave the pattern on the skin.

Airbrush Tattoo

The summer is perfect to try your hand at the various airbrushed tattoo designs that are created by specialists using an airbrush appliance and covering your skin with various and more complex prints and patterns. These are used for special occasions as well as fashion shows that might need a more spectacular accessory as a similar pattern. Choose your pattern with great care or envision your own tattoo of cartoon heroes, portraits and other popular motifs.

Ask the help of professional body artist or purchase your own kit and pull off your own stylish airbrush tattoos. An additional benefit of these tattoos compared to henna is that you are free to use various colors and create a more colorful design. The period given for these tattoo styles is around 3-4 days. These can be also purchased in various designs some would glow in the dark, others are more glittery or super-classy depending on the effect you wish to create