Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self expression through art nowadays. Temporary tattoos are generally considered a great way to experiment with a particular style without making a long term commitment, however, nowadays, temporary tattoos have come to be an easy fashion statement as well. The link between fashion and tattoos is eloquently illustrated by a new trend that seems to be growing in popularity day by day: temporary lip tattoos.

After the nail design industry has released minx nail designs starting a real frenzy, a very similar concept seems to have been applied for lips as well. The Violent Lips brand, created by music manager Jeff Haddad and his partner Lori Magnier has made it possible for adventurous fashionistas to wear their favorite trend on their lips-literally. Featuring a myriad of daring patterns, the tattoos come in three packs and are said to last four to eight hours depending on skin type and care.

The Red Fishnet

Among the patterns available, animal prints are certainly among the most diversified. Pink snake, leopard, cheetah or tiger patterns are available. If you like romantic touches with a vintage touch, designs such as roses or pink polka dots are just a few styles you can experiment with. For those who like red tones with a twist, the red zebra or the fishnet lip tattoo can certainly be appealing options. Another crowd pleasing motif, the checkered pattern is available both in multi tones and pink and white combo. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to restrict yourself from experimenting with more hues at once, the rainbow pattern can be your best bet. The brand is also planning to introduce glittery patterns in red, pink, gold and silver shades.

In addition to these designs we might also be able to see ten custom designs from the brand in collaboration with Sugar Factory. The line is said to continue to diversify and might eventually be found in spas and nail salons. In order to apply the temporary tattoos you will begin by cutting the appliques depending on the shape of your lips and following the guidelines on the back. Then, after removing the plastic on the back, you will stick the tattoo on the lips, stretching the applique and pressing it. After you’ve finished on both lips, bloat a little water on the back and start peeling it off. The brand also has tutorials on their website in which the proper technique is demonstrated. As for removal, mineral oil or baby oil are two good choices. The appliques can be purchased for around $15.

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