Tattoos can be a wonderful form of self expression through art when chosen adequately. However at times even the most well throughout decision can be regretted for various reasons.

Fortunately nowadays living with the consequences of a bad decision is no longer necessary as there are several methods that can be used to diminish if not to completely eliminate the problem. Nowadays there are various procedures with varying degrees of efficiency that can be used.

Covering up a tattoo is perhaps one the best options for those are thinking about getting a new tattoo. Although this technique can prove to be quite difficult as its success depends on several different factors, talking to a skilled tattoo artist about this possibility is an option that is worth taking into account as it can be a viable alternative. Check out tattoo artist Kat von D’s tattoo concealer ($25) available exclusively at Sephora.

It is also possible to camouflage a tattoo by injecting a pigment that resembles one’s skin tone for a more natural look. Generally the price ranges when it comes to these techniques are very similar to those of a regular tattoo.

Tattoo removal creams are some of the cheapest tattoo removal methods available for those who who a painless method of getting rid of an unwanted tattoo. These creams have to be applied repeatedly over the course of several months in order to be able to see a gradual fading of the tattoo. It should be mentioned that the efficiency is not 100% proven. Also because there are a great variety of creams available it can be hard to establish which ones really work according to the claims made. Consulting a dermatologist and testing for allergies beforehand is important if you are thinking about using this method.

Dermabrasion and salabration are two tattoo removal methods that are sometimes used together for a more pronounced effect. Dermabrasion requires rubbing the skin surface with a rough material in order to remove pigment.

Salabration is a very similar technique that requires soaking the tattoo in a saline solution before undergoing dermabrasion. Multiple sessions are required in order to get a somewhat satisfying result. These methods can often lead to scarring and infections and tattooed areas will fade at best. Although only somewhat painful these methods are rarely used nowadays.

Laser tattoo removal is perhaps the most popular method to get rid of a tattoo being also one of the most effective ones. The laser works by breaking the tattoo ink in smaller pieces and eventually stimulating the immune system to clear it up. Similar to other methods, noticeable differences can be seen after several sessions. This method albeit effective can be quite costly depending on the size of the tattooed area. Scarring is still possible although in many cases it is minimal.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) is a tattoo removal method similar to laser tattoo removal though it is considered to be less painful and more effective. The principles by which this method works are also very similar the difference being that is more expensive than the other method. The price is established depending on the number of pulses and the number of sessions required.

Surgically removing a tattoo is a rather extreme option that many people prefer to stay away from due to the fact that softer methods with a high degree of efficiency are now available. However regardless of the method that most appeals to you it is important to get as much information as possible beforehand to be able to get the best results.