No matter what tattoo removal methods you use, chances are some spots or scarring will remain on your skin. The success of the tattoo removal procedure depends on the size and depth of you tattoo and on the way your skin regenerates and reacts to the used substances. You can opt for laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion, tattoo excision or you can use the natural tattoo removal method described below.

Tattoo Removal Procedures

The safest way to get rid of a tattoo is to use professional removal procedures conducted by medical specialists that have the necessary knowledge of the use of the equipment designed to erase the ink from your skin faster and with better results.

First, you have the excision tattoo removal procedure, which erases the entire tattoo, as long as it’s small enough. You just have to get a local anesthetic right after the tattoo is surgically removed and the edges of the skin are sutured, but only if a skin graft abstracted from another body area is not necessary to heal the wound.

Tattoo Removal Procedures

The dermabrasion tattoo removal method means a small portion of your tattoo is frozen using a special sprayed solution. Then, the doctor removes the ink with an abrasive instrument, which can lead, of course, to bleeding. Similar to this procedure, the salabrasion is another tattoo removal procedure that works by peeling the skin with a solution made from water and table salt applied with an abrading instrument.

The laser tattoo removal method is a very popular procedure nowadays, because it’s less invasive than the previous ones. A cream is applied on the surface of the tattoo, then pulses of light from the laser break down the ink pigment. The disadvantage, in this case, is that it’s usually necessary to perform more than one procedure for the complete removal of the tattoo.

Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo Removal Cream Efficiency

You can also use a tattoo removal cream for clearing your skin, but the efficiency of this method depends on the number of times you apply it. The topical tattoo fading creams have two major advantages: they are not an invasive procedure and they can be used at home with no professional help. The disadvantage, however, is the long period of time you have to wait for visible results.

Natural Tattoo Removal Method

One of the most efficient natural tattoo removal method is the salt water method which is used to fade away the ink. The tattoo disappears gradually, getting more and more discolored every day. You have to clean and shave the tattoo area first, then use an antibiotic soap to disinfect it. Get a wet sponge and sink it in salt water (high concentration of salt), then rub it on the tattoo for about half an hour daily. You should see the first results after two weeks.

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