As preconceptions about tattoos are starting to slowly dissolve, more and more people are choosing this very artistic and personal form of self expression to highlight their individuality or to mark certain life experiences that have had a particularly strong impact on their lives. However, while the idea of a rather simple and possibly easy to conceal tattoo can appeal to almost everyone who is curious about this type of option, sleeve tattoos generally appeal to those who are hardcore fans of this form of art.

A sleeve tattoo offers the possibility of expressing a complex theme through a variety of motifs for a sophisticated look that will never fail to draw attention. Colorful and vivid or timeless and classic and black, sleeve tattoos are always hard to decipher at a superficial glance due to the multitude of details involved in its creation. This is perhaps one of the exciting aspects that fans of this tattoo type admire. However, both sleeve and half sleeve tattoos are subject to a variety of limitations.

Due to their visibility, sleeve tattoos can be problematic in a variety of workplaces. Although the attitude of many employers regarding tattoos has loosened up a bit lately, this type of tattoo is still one of the most problematic. While it might not be necessary to give up the idea of getting this type of tattoo completely, considering the time needed to cover or conceal this tattoo and other possible implications of this decision should be carefully considered.

Although all tattoos are painful, especially when a large skin surface is involved, arm tattoos are not among the most painful tattoos around. And, considering the multitude of options this type of tattoo provides, most people are more than willing to put up with some discomfort in exchange of a masterpiece with a personal touch. Needless to say, due to the complexity of a sleeve tattoo, it is best to turn to a professional tattoo artist in order to get the best possible results.

Aside from choosing the theme, selecting the elements that will add unity and complexity is one of the most difficult steps when deciding on the final form of the tattoo. While the main symbols are often the best source of inspiration, sometimes it is simply not enough. Often Celtic and tribal elements are added to add complexity and definition to the tattoo. Nature inspired elements are also highly popular, especially for colorful tattoos. Because connective elements can make or break a tattoo, selecting them carefully is crucial.

Even though a tattoo is very personal, browsing tattoo galleries in advance can be extremely helpful in gathering a complex vision and maybe even design inspiration. A careful analysis beforehand will greatly minimize the chance of regrets later on, but once you are completely sure about your choice, you will be rewarded with a highly personal work of art that will help you stand out from the crowd every single time.

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