Huge fan of tattoos and piercings, Rihanna decided to add more body art to her already generous collection. The world renowned singer just tweeted a few pictures of herself getting inked at a tattoo parlor and her choice for this time: a tribute tattoo. The Barbados-born singer seems to have gone back to the basics of rap as she has drawn inspiration from the legendary rapper 2Pac for her new tattoos.

One of the tattoos that Rihanna has opted for has been ‘winking’ to her as she’s been seen wearing it once before, back in 2011, only at the time it was drawn using pink Sharpie pen. The words ‘THUG LIFE’ that covered 2Pac’s stomach inspired Rihanna as she inked the words on her knuckles in a pale pink colored ink.

Alongside the picture of her newly tatted knuckles, the diva wrote to her fans the following: “? All these b*@ches screaming that 2pac back ? #THUGLIFE”

However, the pictures reveal that Riri didn’t only tattoo her knuckles but her back as well as she’s seen laying face down on the tattoo artist’s table holding what appears to be a bottle of beer and waiting for the tattoo artist to finish his work. The design or choice of words for her back tattoo has yet to be revealed, but the caption tweeted along with the picture states the following, which could hint that it’s also related to the late rapper 2Pac: “Tat my f&%kin name on u girl so I know its real!!! #MINE”

This is actually a verse from singer Drake’s single Free Spirit, where he is referring to 2Pac’s girlfriend Kidada Jones who had his tattoo on her arm. Showing off her wild side, Rihanna also posted some photos of the time she spent at the tattoo parlor, with her tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney, and Machete actor Danny Trejo who revealed his tatted chest. What do you think about Rihanna’s new tattoo?

Photos courtesy of Rihanna Twitter