Tattoos on the rib can be especially painful, but more and more girls decide to brave the pain and get the body art they crave for. Check out a few ideas and tips for rib tattoos for girls, along with alternatives in case the pain isn’t something you’re willing to put up with.

While men usually go for different creatures apparently ripping through their skin in the rib cage area, most women who decide to get a rib tattoo, prefer either softer symbols or simply text.

 Rib Tattoos for Girls

Rib Tattoos for Girls

More easily concealed by your daily outfits than body art in other areas, tattoos on ribs can be very painful. Usually, the tattoo is done in at least two sessions. The first one is dedicated to drawing the outline and the second to shading.

As a general rule, the more muscle and body fat is present under the skin, the less painful the tattoo is. Since they’re mostly done on thin skin over bone, rib tattoos for girls can be extremely painful, especially during the second part of the process.

Opting for a big tattoo means a longer unpleasant experience, even if you’re using tattoo numbing cream, a topical anesthetic that simply dulls the pain, doesn’t completely shield you from it.

Celebs with Tattoos on Ribs

If you’re looking for an edgy look, you can choose a text with a deep meaning for you, like Megan Fox (“There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART”) or decide for a more feminine tattoo, like the ones done for Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks or Rumer Willis.

Feminine designs like flower tattoos and trees are popular, but so are different types of text, like the “Lucky You” tattoo Scarlett Johansson got on her ribcage, accompanied by a horseshoe.

Rib Tattoos for Girls

Where to Get a Tattoo

Rib tattoos can take longer to finish than other smaller pieces of body art in different locations, even if you’re using numbing cream according to the instructions.

If you’re not convinced that the rib tattoo is for you, you can first try a smaller tattoo in a less problematic area before proceeding to decorate your body with a big one, right on your ribcage.

The least painful areas to get a tattoo include the outer shoulder, outer arm, along with the back, as long as too much of it isn’t directly above the spine.

Behind the ear tattoos are even more popular than tattoos for girls on the ribs, since they’re in a much less painful area and are smaller and even easier to conceal.

Rib Tattoo Ideas for Girls

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