Our skin is indeed thicker and thinner at different spots on our body. Taking into consideration this fact it is wise to plan beforehand where we would like to sport our brand new body art designs. Tattoos can be pretty painful if you choose a place that is more sensitive to external factors as the needle from the tattoo machine. Therefore, those who are eager to spare themselves from a more painful experience should take a glimpse at the most painful spots to get a tattoo presented below. Ask your tattoo artist about the places where the tattoo session might cause you discomfort and pain and if you’re not that brave, skip these areas and choose a less sensitive section of your body.

Behind the Ear

This popular still uber-sensitive spot might give you a pretty painful experience if you choose to have your tattoo here. Indeed, if you analyze the area, you’ll notice the hard bone and the extra-thin skin layer that covers it. This way the needle won’t have the chance to penetrate into the skin and avoid hitting the bones which can cause serious pain. Consider this fact before deciding to have a tattoo behind the ear. Both the size as well as the complexity of the design can determine the experience. In this case tattoo artists often use a numbing cream to ameliorate the pain.


Choose a complex and amazing design that runs on the back of your neck all the way down to the back along your spine if you are keen to sport a unique and impressive accessory. However, things might not go as simple as you think, the spine similarly the the ear area is in close contact with the spinal bone which makes the application of the designs a bit more painful than in other spots. Choose from the endless floral, star as well as more personal and abstract designs according to your preferences. Make sure you won’t skip this spot if you long for a similar tattoo just because of the pain, a pro tattoo artist will use the specialized cream that would numb the area to cause less discomfort and pain.


Ankle tattoos are extremely popular both among boys and girls. Therefore, it is a must to find out more on the pain factor these presuppose. Indeed, ankle tattoos are down on the lowest part of the calf and might go all the way down to the foot. In this case you might expose yourself to a less pleasant experience with burning and pain as the skin is super-thin in this section and the spot is bonier than the other sections of your leg. As mentioned before, tattoo artists use special products to relief the pain and reduce the unpleasant feeling of the tattooing process. However, if you have pain-phobia, make sure you know about the risk you take when choosing a fab ankle tattoo.


It must be also mentioned that the elbow area has ghostly similarities with that of the knees and ankles. The bones and the thin layer of skin all contribute to the pain factor of these tattoos. Those who are fond of the spider webs, stars that are oh-so-popular these days or would like to have a beautiful and colorful flower on their elbow should think about the painful experience it might bring. Indeed, the size as well as the complexity of the design determine the length of the tattoo session as well as the pain it gives. If you decided to have a stylish elbow tattoo, make sure you find out more on the various pain-preventive measures to take before heading to the salon.


One of the most revealing and vision-pleasing tattoo designs are applied to the ribs. However, it must be also claimed that it is undoubtedly a sensitive area which might harden the tattoo session a little. Indeed, tattoo artists got used to several breaks during the complex session as many individuals might consider the pain pretty unbearable. Therefore, make sure you ask your tattoo artist for several breaks if you don’t feel fine, moreover some might even forget to breathe as they concentrate on the suppressing of the pain. In this case accidents might happen and some can even faint. However, self-control is the best remedy to handle pain as well as the tricky situation that challenges your pain endurance level.


The feet is a complex spot and the pain also varies as you move along the wide canvas. Those who are fond of the stylish and fab feet tattoos should avoid applying their favorite design to the toes and the bones as it would provide them with an at least said painful experience. Instead, move upwards where the skin is thicker in order to make sure you reduce the pain factor to minimum.