Miley Cyrus is again in the spotlight as she’s got her new tattoo. Miley’s no.5 tattoo has been photographed by the paparazzi and it is located on her torso. This American hottie seems to keep on adding to her tattoo collection as at only 18 she has managed to ink on her skin 5 tattoos and counting.

Celebrity tattoos have always been a hot focus point and many fans have been inspired for their own tattoos from their favorite celebrities’. It seems that Miley’s fans have now a vaster range of tattoos to inspire themselves from as she’s just got another tattoo, the number 5 tattoo.

Miley Cyrus’s tattoos include the message “just breath” tattooed right under her left breast and created in honor of a close friend who has passed away due to cystic fibrosis, the word “love” tattooed on her ear, a tiny heart and a cross on her fingers and her latest addition, a dream catcher tattooed on her torso.

It seems that all of Miley’s tattoos have a deep meaning for her and they are inspired by close people in her life. That is quite admirable but what does a dream catcher tattoo mean? Well, according to People, one of Miley’s friends stated that: “It’s a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters. The dream catcher is to protect them.”

It appears that Miley cares deeply for her siblings if she decided to symbolically tattoo them on her skin. Permanent tattoos, just as the name states, are for life, so one should definitely take a long thought before selecting a tattoo design. Tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal but there is a downside to this matter: scarring. Scars will remain after a tattoo is removed through laser, so this is not exactly what one would wish for.

We just hope Miley won’t feel sorry about her decision, as this will definitely not be good. Her tattoos are not too visible and that is probably due to the fact that she has got them for herself and not to show them off. However, 5 tattoos is a pretty high number especially at her age, so we hope that we won’t be counting some more as time goes by!

What do you think about Miley’s new tattoo?

Miley Cyrus Ear Tattoo Photo Miley Cyrus Finger Tattoo

Photo courtesy of, Getty Images, JustJared