As one of the most beloved public shocker of the moment Lady Gaga intrigues the fans with her stage performance along with the series of surprising changes in her look. Her tattoos are some of the most sought-after celebrity body art designs millions copycat. However, she decided to decorate only one side of her body with these meaningful images.

The latest celebrity gossips claim that Lady Gaga tattoos only the left side of her body. Therefore, make sure you focus on this section of her body when looking for the fabulous body art images. Those who are great fans of the ‘fame monster’ know that she has a symbol of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament on her left wrist, different floral tattoo designs on he lower back as well as a unicorn complemented with the song title Born This Way as well as a quote from the German poet Rainer Marie Rilke.

Lady Gaga Tattoo on Arm Lady Gaga Tattoo Rose side

In a recent interview Lady Gaga claimed that, “All of my tattoos are on one side, per my father’s request. He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal, so I only have my tattoos on my left side. I think he sees the right as like my Marilyn Monroe side and the left as my Iggy Pop side.”

It seems that family is more important for her than music. In spite of the fact that earlier on she stated that her career is a life-long project and she is ready to sacrifice everything, even a romantic relationship and stay single for the sake of her profession.

Furthermore, the decision of having only her left side covered with tattoos roots from another perspective of the young songbird. Lady Gaga also states that, “I’m also a leftie. It’s really my father – when I was a kid he tried to change my hands, and the doctor was like, ‘She was born that way, you can’t change it!’- So I think from a neurological standpoint, because I’m creatively driven by my left side, that’s why I chose it.”

As daddy’s little girl, the young Pop diva made a pretty tricky decision of leaving her right side bare. We’re definitely looking forward to see how determined she really is to create a shocking effect with her two sides.

Lady Gaga Tattoos 2011

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