The new body art styles developed look absolutely incredible, so no wonder more and more people are leaning towards body art for self expression. Some styles are incredibly sexy, while others might lean more towards outrageous and scary, this is why before deciding on getting your skin pierced, you should make sure you’ve pinpointed the right style for yourself. Girls are no strangers to piercings and the hottest piercing looks for girls are the ones that exude femininity. There is a certain sexiness attached to piercings as long as they don’t lean towards extreme, so if you love body art and are searching for a gorgeous, hot piercing look, try to inspire yourself from one of the following styles.

Choosing right will definitely help boost your confidence level, so make sure you opt for the piercing look that defines you. Check out the hottest and sexiest piercing looks for girls and find a professional, well trained piercer for best results. Piercings puncture the skin, leaving it prone to infections, so learn all about the risks and after care advice, before making a decision.

Nose piercings Nose piercings are probably the most common piercings performed. Piercing one nostril has become a huge trend since the 80’s until present and there are a variety of piercing jewelry designs to select from, ensuring it suits different personalities. Go for a simple nose stud or a cool looking nose ring, as both look super hot. Nose piercings are unisex, but are most commonly worn by women, in the right or left nostril.

Hip piercings Hip piercings are definitely one of the hottest and newest trends in body piercings as they definitely bring something else to the table. Usually two parallel piercings are placed in the pelvic area, one on the left and one on the right, for a hot symmetric look. This type of body piercing requires a special piercing jewelry, one which features two 90 degree angles at each end. The barbell is inserted under the skin and the two angled peaks will gorgeously stand out on the surface. The jewelry needs to be stainless steel or Tygon to prevent infections.

Navel piercingsBelly button or navel piercings look hot and can definitely make a difference as far as your abdomen goes, attracting a generous amount of attention towards it. There are a myriad of navel piercing jewelry designs available for purchase, so you can definitely find one that suits your style. The most popular ones are the simple navel barbells, but decorative ones such as navel barbells with dangling pendants too are equally stylish and hot. The only problem with navel piercings is the possibility of rejection, when the navel ring is pushed out (until the skin finally breaks), in addition to the risk of infection.

Monroe piercings The Monroe piercing looks great on girls, as it helps bring that sexy allure Marilyn Monroe was known for. This piercing is placed above the lip, on the left or the right side, depending on personal preference, and it resembles a beauty mark. Select a simple or a studded ring to obtain a lovely feminine, Monroe or Crawford style.

These are only a few hot piercings you can choose from, so select the one that works best for you!