Here’s a list of tattoos with meanings for women – just take a look, learn the meaning behind each drawing and get yourself inspired.

If it’s well done, a tattoo can become a true work of art. And if you decide to get a permanent one, then it should be something meaningful for you, because you’ll have it forever, unless you decide to remove it at some point.

Tattoos With Meaning Behind Them

Each tattoo has a particular meaning for the one who decides to wear it. Some people have their partner’s name tattooed or even the portrait of someone they’re very fond of. Others choose some inspiring quotes or even symbols of love, freedom, faith or happiness.

Moreover, it’s very important to know the meaning of the tattoo you’re planning to get beforehand because otherwise you might end up regretting choosing it in a couple of years.

Feather Tattoos

Feather Tattoos With Meaning

One of the most popular tattoos with meaning among women is the feather. It symbolizes both freedom and enlightenment. This also can be linked to the Native American culture. So, if you’re a rebel at heart that loves life without boundaries, then this symbol should be among your options. Also, ask among your friends about good tattoo salons, maybe they can suggest a talented tattoo artist that will make your dream come true.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Women simply love butterflies! But do you know the meaning behind this small delicate creature? Well, you should know that in some cultures they make reference to our mind or soul. Moreover, Japanese people think that if a butterfly enters your home, you’ll probably get a visit from someone you hold dear. A meaningful tattoo, right?

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry Blossom Tattoos With Meaning

Here’s another amazing tattoo with meaning. Its significance comes from the Japanese culture where the cherry blossom means life transience. Life, as time, tends to pass too quickly and we reach the end of our path sooner than expected. If you’re into the Japanese symbolism, then add this suave and beautiful tattoo design on your list.

Lily Tattoos

Lily Flower Tattoos With Meaning

Here’s another great tattoo idea that has several meanings. In Christianity, a lily symbolizes purity while in Buddhism, the tiger lily indicates compassion, mercy or some aggressive traits associated to women’s dual nature. This being said, if you’re into floral symbols, you can definitely opt for this delicate element.

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