Along time a variety of stylish tattoo designs have been developed as this type of body art has a certain allure that attracts men as well as women of all ages. The power of body art has managed to increase its force throughout time, as tattooing has been around for centuries. The new techniques and inks used have enabled the development of a myriad of tattoo designs including girly tattoo designs which suit girls who want to maintain and underline their fun and flirty, feminine personality.

The demand for flirty designs which will always maintain a high popularity has always been high, as tattoos are permanent, so people usually lean towards designs which will still look hot as time passes. Some of these designs can be tribal, symbolic or character inspired, and the best thing about them is that they can be adapted to suit your personality. Choosing the size, color and details can ensure the selection of a unique and individual tattoo design that suits your personality perfectly. Choosing right is definitely not easy, therefore, to make things easier, we have selected a few designs which can most definitely act as a great source of inspiration for your next super-fly tattoo design:

Butterfly tattoos look great and they will most definitely not go out of style. The butterfly tattoo stands for rebirth, so if you’re feeling the need of a change and want to reinvent yourself, the butterfly tattoo can definitely be a symbolic reminder. There are so many options as far as butterfly tattoos go, it’s absolutely incredible; go simple, colorful or sophisticated as either way they all look lovely. You can choose any area of the body for your tattoo, but the most popular are the shoulder blades, the lower back, the foot and the spine.

Fairy tattoos look amazing and although they are unisex tattoos, they represent the desire to maintain a youthful personality. There is a certain innocence related to fairies, but that doesn’t mean they can not be interpreted and portrayed as sexier or a little bit Gothic. The colors and styles a fairy tattoo can come in vary widely, so try to select a style that suits your personality. The most popular fairy tattoos are vividly colored, with their wings spread and feature an innocent, yet sexy posture. Oversized fairy designs don’t look too fab, so try not to go any bigger than the palm of your hand.

Cartoon and cultural characters are definitely popular and one of the hottest and most popular character is non other than Hello Kitty. This cute kitty has managed to leave its print from fashion to cosmetics, nail art and tattoos, meaning a Hello Kitty tattoo design is a hot and girly choice. This is definitely one design only women should opt for, so adapt the hello kitty design to your personal style. Go for the entire body or just the Hello Kitty face as either way, this design looks great. Get your Hello Kitty tattoo on your foot, your hipbone, your wrist, your back, etc, as it will look adorable.