Choosing a tattoo that suits your personality as well as style and beauty sense is indeed the first step towards making a similar accessory even more memorable and worth-of-admiration. Those who long for a stylish and at the same time feminine design should skim through the large selection of flirty bow tattoo designs offered by great artists and worn even by celebrities. If you are flirting with the idea of having your very first tattoo, make sure you pick the most spectacular and meaningful images that mirror your personality. Find out all the basic tattoo care tips and measures to preserve the spotless look of your body art. Go for the classy designs or more abstract images depending on your personality. Proceed the same way with shades, the classy red or pink are indeed the most sought-after shades when it comes to bow tattoos, however, you can break with the tradition and go for more colorful versions of the classy pattern.

Look through the fabulous collections of bow tattoo designs and spot the one that matches your preferences. Define the size as well as the shade beforehand, a tattoo artist will help you make the best decision and choose the most prominent or delicate spots to wear these accessories. If you are more of a self-claimed tattoo fan, make sure you go for a body part which is visible to the public eye. The wrist is indeed one of the most popular sections to wear bow tattoos. This way you’ll be able to flaunt the flirty designs each time you sport a short-sleeved top. Additional spots worth of consideration are the fingers as well as ankles and the back of the necks or the lower back. Pair the right design as well as the size of your tattoos with your lifestyle.

If you take a closer look at the bow designs, you’ll find them also placed on the back of the legs. This is indeed a fabulous and vision-pleasing spot to wear your classy tattoos on. Indeed, it might need more creativity as well as courage especially if you lead a more business-oriented life which screams for office chic attires as voguish skirts and cropped pants. However, there’s no need to stay away of these stylish designs if you have the right attitude to popularize them. The tiny tattoos placed on the back of the ears as well as the wrist are some of the A-list accessories these days. Consider the meaning of bows for you and wear them with confidence. Ask the help of a pro tattoo artist to offer you a wider array of designs.

Tattoos are indeed some of the most revealing symbols we wear on our body. Those who are afraid of covering their body with these stylish designs might consider choosing a smaller and more feminine image as these bows. Indeed, thanks to the decent and girly aspect these won’t make a smashing statement, instead you’ll be able to play up your womanish side be it Emo– or Punk-inspired or more sultry and abstract. Go your way and make it as personal as possible to enjoy wearing it for an infinite time. Stay versed with the latest tattoo designs and update your look with a similar accessory.