Do you recognize all the famous faces chosen by these people to decorate their body? The music demi-gods and other prominent figures are used by tattoo fans as the best means to transmit a message to their entourage. The only condition to achieve the wow effect is indeed to select the most impressive image or portrait of these celebs.

The fabulous portrait tattoos presented below will attract immediate attention, thanks to their colorful and plausible impression.

Those who decide to try their hand at a similar design will have the chance to choose from the myriad of portraits of various musicians, actors and actresses together with other socialites.The decision is yours, therefore, make sure you have the necessary motivation to wear the face of these persons on your body throughout the years.

Floral and other impressive body art designs dominate this industry. However, there are body art fans who think that wearing the image of your idol on your skin is one of the greatest tributes you can pay to their talent and career. As a consequence, they decide to have a fabulous portrait of them in the shape of a high street tattoo. Similar accessories are admired by millions due to their extremely realistic visual effect. Decorate your skin with a similar image if you’re ready to swim in the admiring glimpses and you’re not afraid of showing that you’re a great fan of this famous personality. Celebs or freedom fighters as well as other prominent individuals inspire the body art fan armada to create these stylish and meaningful tattoos. Join their party if you would like to make a real style statement with a similar skin ‘jewelry’.

Whether you choose someone from the past or would like to stick to the present, your portrait tattoo will be equally mesmerizing. Justin Bieber, Oprah or Bob Marley are only some of the most beloved images you can opt for. However, you can go for the classics too, as Elvis, Kurt Cobain or Marilyn Monroe. Everyone will have the chance to find the most flattering and revealing tattoo designs. From girly and more colorful styles to classy black and white models, all are available in the galleries offered by the most prominent body art salons. Be sure to make the best decision and feel free to flash your brand new accessory each time an admirer asks for it.