Tattooing is an ancient body art which has managed to maintain its popularity even though thousands of years have passed since the first tattoo was created. The art of tattooing has evolved greatly, nowadays tattoo guns perform the desired design in the most amazing and realistic manner. You can choose cute girly tattoos if you are a girl and want to enhance your femininity through body art and there are a variety of cool monochrome or colored designs to choose from.

Choosing the right tattoo design is a must when deciding to get a tattoo as they will permanently (if you choose a permanent tattoo) mark your skin. It is true that tattoos can be removed using laser, however a permanent scar will be created, thus your skin will not look like it used to before choosing a tattoo. The new techniques allow talented tattoo artists to create some of the most realistic tattoos and if you are looking for a tattoo design which will make you look unique but still maintain your femininity, inspire yourself from the following girly tattoo ideas as they are popular and can allow you to personalize your tattoo design to suit your preference and style:

Fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoo designs are fabulous and can be a unisex choice as men too can choose to get a fairy imprinted on their skin. There are a variety of fabulous fairy designs to choose from as people can picture fairies more feminine or innocent, so you can choose the style that suits you best. The design can be scaled to suit your desire so you can go for an oversized design or a tiny one, depending on the area chosen as well as on your personal preference. The new pigments used by tattoo artists can help your fairy design look fabulous whether you are looking for a traditional black colored tattoo or if you are looking for a more modern and fun colored tattoo.

Star tattoos

Star tattoos are gorgeous and pose a unisex choice since they are feminine and masculine at the same time. These stars can look hot imprinted on the body and there are a variety of choices to make from the traditional one big black star to the multiple size black or colored stars. The stars can be placed almost on any part of the body and you can choose the pattern and size of the star tattoo so you can have a unique style star tattoo.

Flower tattoos

Well, flowers are girly and can enhance the beauty of your body as there are so many fabulous designs to choose from. The lotus flower, the rose and orchid are some of the most popular choices, but you can also choose your favorite flower to be tattooed as you wish. You can choose a simple flower or a combination of flowers and other designs which create a scenery that you think suits you best.

Butterfly tattoos

Butterflies are beautiful, colorful and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes making your options endless. You can choose to get one simple butterfly or go for multiple ones. The new tattooing techniques can create shadows and allow you to select a design that will appear like it’s 3D. Select the style and the colors that suit you best and apply the chosen design on the body part that you feel most comfortable wearing your tattoo.