A cool tattoo can truly make you stand out from the crowd, but, given its fairly permanent nature, it’s important to choose well. Browse through our cool tattoo designs for girls and choose one that would still look great in the years to come.

Cool Tattoo Designs for Girls

1. Irezumi/ Traditional Japanese tattoosIrezumi is the art of traditional Japanese tattoos. Classic designs include koi fish, dragons, oni (demons) and floral motifs, interwoven in an intricate patchwork. Getting an Irezumi tattoo on your back or arm can truly give you an edge, but, given that they are quite large and intricate, you may want to think well before getting inked.

Tattoo Ideas For Girls

2. Anime

Another hallmark of Japanese popular culture, Japanese animation or Anime is massive, which makes Anime characters really cool tattoos for girls these days. The only risk with getting an Anime tattoo is that, unlike other styles, it will probably become outdated much quicker.

3. Floral tattoos

Floral motifs make classic yet cool tattoo designs for girls. They work as cool wrist tattoos for girls, as well as full sleeve tattoos or large-scale back tattoos. The most popular floral tattoo designs are Oriental motifs, such as lotus flowers, peonies, orchids and chrysanthemums.

Floral Tattoos For Girls

4. Indian / Hindu tattoo designs

Hindu tattoo designs – whether they feature Hindu symbols, Sanskrit script or gods from the Hindu pantheon – are cool tattoo designs for girls with a spiritual side.

5. Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos make cool tattoo designs for girls. They come in all sizes and shapes, ranging from the dainty flower fairy type, which can be worn as wrist or ankle tattoos, to larger, darker, Gothic figures, which convey powerful images of femininity.

Cool Tattoo Ideas

6. Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are another example of cool tattoo designs for girls, as the star is a very strong and timeless symbol. You can get it in various shapes – the nautical star, the shooting star, the moon with stars, etc.


Words and script can also make cool tattoo choices for girls. A great idea is to get a tattoo of a quote that means something to you on a personal level or sums up what you think about life.You might also be interested in: Numbing Cream for Tattoos

Pretty Key Quote TattooFeather TattooQuote Tattoo

8. Names

A timeless tattoo idea, which will never lose its appeal, is to get the name of someone dear to you as a tattoo. However, don’t rush and get a tattoo of someone you’ve just started dating. You could choose the name of a loved one who passed away. It could even be the name of a pet who passed, as a special memorial to them.

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