With a series of innovative designs and the artful use of colors, body art has reached a whole new level being recognized as a unique way of highlighting one’s personality or even life experiences. While some individuals choose tattoos only for aesthetic reasons, others prefer to associate a deeper meaning to the tattoos they choose. While many popular tattoo symbols have various interpretations across different cultures, in the case of scene tattoos these meanings can be completely different and might be entirely different from one person to another.

While scene tattoos can vary greatly when it comes to designs, certain designs are more popular than others. Cupcakes, diamonds, Hello Kitty designs, cute skulls or stars are only a few of the elements that can be found on a scene tattoo. Although most of the time a single symbol becomes the focal point, those who are fans of highly artistic and complex tattoos might choose to incorporate various symbols into an eye catching elaborate tattoo.

In the case of cupcakes, one of the most popular scene tattoo designs, it can be difficult to attach a conventional meaning to them. Because these tattoos tend to be very varied, the meaning associated with them tends to vary greatly from case to case. While some might argue that cupcakes are an indicative of sweetness and innocence when paired with symbols such as skulls, bones or even bombs, the meaning tends to change immediately.

As far as the placement of these tattoos is concerned, the size of the tattoo is the one that establishes the best area in many cases. While ankle tattoos are a smart idea for a relatively small design, for bigger and more impressive ones the shoulder blades, the rib area and the arms tend to be a wiser choice.

The same idea tends to be true for Hello Kitty designs. There are so many ways in which this cute and girly symbol can be represented in that it is almost impossible to assign a single meaning to the symbol. It can be interesting to see Hello Kitty designs in angelic or devilish postures, surrounded by stars or even as a cupcake design. In this case, the design mostly depends on the creativity and imagination of the person who is thinking about getting this type of tattoo.

A type of tattoo design that can receive a great variety of meanings is the diamond symbol. Diamonds can symbolize anything from beauty or desire of wealth to strength and indestructibility. The fact that diamond is the hardest material known can be considered a symbol of personal power and even eternity. However, since tattoos are entirely personal, each person can create his or her own definition of what this symbol really represents in their case.

Star tattoo designs are a highly popular choice when it comes to girl tattoos. Just like in the case of diamond tattoos star tattoos have different conventional meanings associated with them. There are also different types of stars you can choose from: shooting stars, nautical stars and a variety of other types of stars all of which can be combined with additional details that can add to their meanings.

While skulls might be considered anything but feminine, when the right style is chosen the results might be surprisingly cute. While skulls have come to be considered manly symbols, the meaning behind skull tattoos can apply universally to both men and women. Skull designs can represent a life changing event, overcoming death or even protection. Generally girly skull tattoos tend to have soft edges and to be colorful. Purple and pink tend to be popular choices when it comes to color.