Butterfly tattoo designs are a popular option that many women consider when trying to decide on a form of art that expresses their personality and that gives them a distinctive allure. The motivations to get a tattoo as well as the associations made with a certain tattoo are almost always entirely subjective.

Each one of us tends to have a different interpretation on various elements that make a good tattoo and we often tend to associate a certain tattoo with different experiences. All these things have a major influence on our final decision because they help us narrow down our options and customize our search.

Butterfly designs can be inspired from a variety of different cultures and therefore a variety of different significations are usually associated with them. Tribal and Celtic tattoos are some of the best well known tattoo styles carrying some of deepest meanings but you can choose the connotations that your tattoo will have on other bases as well. In the Celtic culture butterflies are the symbol of rebirth and dramatic changes and growth.

In the Greek and Russian cultures butterflies are a symbol of femininity, delicacy and grace being sometimes attributed to various close female figures or even being a representation of a pure soul. Another generally accepted connotation of the butterfly symbol is freedom and many women choose them as a reminder of all the opportunities that lay ahead of them.

The placement of the butterfly tattoo is entirely up to the person getting a tattoo, however, the most poplar places for butterfly tattoos are the shoulder blade, the ankle area or the lower back region. Those who are determined to make a strong impression might also choose a dramatic across the body tattoo. The size of the tattoo might be a confusing subject for many women, however, the truth is that as long as the right choice is made the size is not a deciding factor when it comes to the overall quality of the tattoo. One of the simplest decisions that must be made refers to the coloration. While the majority of people opt for colorful tattoos, black mono colored tattoos are sometimes preferred, especially when the meaning of the tattoo is of prime importance.

Butterfly tattoos can sometimes be combined with other symbols that can ensure its originality. The desire to combine multiple elements can be also the result of a client’s desire to incorporate various experiences by choosing symbolic elements that serve as reminders. Often, two or more different tattoos can be incorporated into a single complex one that reunites all the desired concepts at once. A simple way to take a butterfly tattoo to the next level and livening it up, aside from using beautiful, vibrant colors, is to add a distinctive element.

A good illustration of this idea can be observed in one of the following pictures where the femininity of a butterfly tattoo is cleverly combined with a more daring element, the image of a tiger. This can be a perfect choice for someone who likes to embrace her sensitive, feminine side but at the same time takes pride in her wild side highlighting them both at the same time. Flowers can sometimes be added to a butterfly tattoo as well for creating a more complex image or simply to add an extra injection of femininity to the tattoo.

When butterfly tattoos are placed in the lower back area, typically the additional elements are discreet yet highly powerful being an integrated part of the tattoo that most of the time is just as important as the tattoo itself. Although it’s not mandatory, the colors from the central tattoo and the connecting elements are similar, creating a unified image that ensures the harmony of the tattoo as a whole.

As it can be seen, the possibilities when choosing this type of tattoo are endless, the only restrictions placed being the ones we choose ourselves. Whether the designs chosen are more directed to the conventional side or the tattoo is a combination that shows multiple elements from various inspiration sources, butterfly tattoos remain one of the most popular tattoos for women carrying a lot of different significations that can only be discovered at a closer look.