The summer is right around the corner and so you need to prep your skin for the time you have to hit the beach if you want to look fabulous. Subtle bronzed skin is in every summer, so if you’re in definite need of a little bit of color, you can turn your attention towards the many methods of sunless tanning. Most tanning lotions are safe to use on the skin and can help you achieve that fabulous tanned skin look without damage. UV light is known to have a negative effect over the skin, but with the following tips for a perfect sunless tan you can still achieve that luscious tanned skin look that makes heads turn, without any skin damage.

Technology has progressed greatly during the past few years especially in the cosmetics industry and the new tanning lotions available can help nourish your skin while giving it that extra boots of pigment. Glowing tanned skin looks hot and can make you look like you’re radiating beauty, but achieving that perfectly tanned skin look is no easy task. Applying a tanning lotion incorrectly can lead to the development of an irregular tan, which is your worst nightmare. Use high-quality products for best results and try to take the following tips into account if you want to look amazing:

Before applying a tanning lotion, make sure you prep your skin to ensure you obtain a flawless finish. First, exfoliate your skin, then moisturize it and then apply the tanning lotion. These lotions contain a substance which colors the skin, so it’s best to apply it uniformly and without any mistakes because if you obtain an uneven tan, it will be difficult to touch up missed spots.

Moisturize well the dry or rougher areas of the skin, such as around the elbows, knees or the heels as they will absorb a higher quantity of tanning lotion due to being dry, and the area might become darker than the rest of the body. Wait for the moisturizer to be completely absorbed into the skin before applying the self-tanner. To ensure you don’t end-up with dark elbows, knees and ankles mix a little bit of the tanning lotion with your moisturizer.

To avoid coloring your hands, wear gloves as it will help prevent messy, orange palms.

Not all tanning lotions will offer your skin the same benefits and results, so try to invest in a high-quality tanner that will provide a much more efficient tan without causing the skin to dehydrate. Go for tanning lotions which contain DHA and erythrulose as ingredients as this combo will help create a rapid, yet even tan without dehydrating the skin.

Maintain your fabulous tan for longer by making sure you aren’t using skin care products which exfoliate the skin. Tanning lotions only tan the surface of your skin and by using an exfoliant (including Retin-A, AHA, glycolic acid creams) you’ll only manage to remove your precious sunless tan. The effect of a tanning lotion only lasts for up to 10 days, depending on the product you use and by using exfoliation creams you’ll only accelerate the removal of your tan.

If you’ve got light colored hair, wear a shower cap when you’re applying the tanning lotion onto your face to avoid the color transferring onto your hair. The tanner doesn’t show on dark hair, but if you’re blonde, you should definitely pay as much attention as you can when applying the lotion.

Remove unwanted hair before applying a tanning lotion as this way you’ll be able to apply the tanner much more even and the lotion will glide on easier. There are a variety of hair removal methods, but if you choose waxing it’s best to allow the skin a few days before you use a tanning lotion to avoid rashes.

If you’re just not to good at applying a tanning lotion evenly, try a spray-on tan. This needs to be performed by a professional which pulverizes a tanning solution onto your skin. Fans will dry your skin and you’ll look perfect. The effects last for about a week.

Tips for a Perfect Sunless Tan

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