How many times have you looked at your tan lines and just wanted to use something to cover them to match your tanned skin. Tan lines are definitely not sexy but if you are not an adept of nudism, there is absolutely no way you can avoid them, obviously through natural sun tanning. One of the most incredible and much awaited inventions, the tan through swimwear are no longer a dream, but a dream come true.

The technology has evolved greatly in the past century and it seems that now you can say goodbye to tan lines forever. This is a great news for people who love spending time on the beach so how does this technology work?

The new tan through swimwear available for men as well as women are created using a special fabric called transol, a fabric which is designed to allow UV light given off by the sun to penetrate the fabric. About 80% of the suns rays are able to penetrate the fabric, ensuring you receive a uniform, all over tan. The fabric has millions of incredibly tiny gaps through which the light is channeled. Now this might sound weird and raise an important question: if it lets the light through is it see through? The answer to this question is NO. The amazing qualities of the transol fabric make the swimwear garments absolutely normal and people will not be able to see through the swimwear even if it is wet.

Everyone knows by now that the ultraviolet light given off by the sun can pose a threat to our skin, being able to cause sunburns and worst, skin cancer. Because the new tan through swimsuits allow this light to penetrate it one must use sun protection under the swimwear as well to protect the skin. Sunscreen and sunblock are very effective in protecting your skin against sun damage by acting as a barrier. Because the percentage of the light hitting the skin will be smaller tan on bare, exposed skin there will be a difference of pigmentation but not such a visible one as if you would be using a regular swimsuit. Since the fabric is thicker where the seems are applied the skin will tan slower, but this can be prevented by moving the seems a bit to expose the skin.

The key to a perfect bronzed skin is gradual sun exposure with protection so the skin can gradually and safely receive the desired pigmentation. It is essential to avoid exposing your skin to the sun between noon and 4pm as this is when the suns rays are most powerful. Protect your hair as well by applying an SPF protection hair spray or by wearing a hat whenever in the sun so you can maintain your tresses in a healthy condition.

If you don’t like the idea of having tan lines on your body but are not keen to strip down on the beach as well try the new tan through swimsuits. Tanned skin is fabulous and can enhance your beauty so learn how to tan safely.